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World Pool Masters – Day 2

As most of you probably know we have no good news to report as Jason Klatt was in a strugle last night more with the table then his opponent in a match that Jason found himself quickly behind 5-1 only to get it to 4-5 then then a stunning scratch on a sure run out occurred when Jason played a shot on the six only to see the cueball scratch in the side to make it 5-5 now trailing 4-6. To Jason’s credit in the 11th game he played a gutsy five ball with a lot of confidence in his stroke to come all away around the table to get perfect on the seven and to again reach with in one game, with time running out now trailing 5-6 and breaking the 12th game was cruel to watch a dry break a pushout a great hit by Fu Jianbo only to leave Jason Klatt a cruel roll, a clear path to the one only to have the four just enough blocking the corner pocket, with no combo available Jason played a safety only to lose the push out battle and that game. Trailing 5-7 Jason was forced to watch Fu Jianbo break and run out. Jason said right after the match “He tried to give it back to me”, an untimley scratch an unluky roll sent Jason out of being able to play in the semis.
Day two picked right up from where day one left off with a terrific hill hill match between two players where there is no love lost Mika Immonen loses 8-7 to Ralph Souquet. Darren Appleton won two matches ousting Efren Reyes and Raj Hundal. Ralph in his second match bettered Local player Lee Vann Corteza and Dennis Orcollo in this short field showed me he is the class of this tournament by dismantling Jung-lin. So folks its down to 4 players Orcollo, Appleton, Souquet, and Jianbo.
Next up for Jason is the World Cup Of Pool teaming up with John Morra on Thursday where they will square off with Team Malta led by Tony Drago.
On location reporting provided by Christopher Clark.
Photos courtesy of Chito Ines.

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