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Albin Ouschan will start the defence of his World Pool Championship crown at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes from April 6 to April 10 against Hong Kong’s Lo Ho Sum in the opening match of the tournament.

The two-time World Champion will get the action underway at 10 am UK time, a week today live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN in all available territories along with the strongest list of broadcasters worldwide to date.




Other standout matches from Round 1 see the 2021 World Cup of Pool winner Joshua Filler meet 2012 Mosconi Cup MVP Chris Melling in the second match on Table 1. Elsewhere, Table 2 action will get underway live on the Matchroom Pool YouTube with Dennis Orcollo up against Pia Filler before fans will get to see Ko Pin-Yi face-off with Slovakia’s Jakub Koniar.

2021 runner-up Omar Al-Shaheen faces South Africa’s JJ Faul and two-time Mosconi Cup MVP Jayson Shaw will meet South Africa’s, Vincent Halliday. The top two American seeds Shane Van Boening and Skyler Woodward will face Waleed Majid K Alars and Daniele Corrieri respectively.

No. 2 seed David Alcaide takes on Great Britain’s Benji Buckley and Chang Jung-Lin will meet Germany’s Veronika Ivanovskaia to start the tournament out. Current World Pool Masters champion, Alexander Kazakis meets Nicholas De Leon of the USA.

The Nineball World Rankings structure and seed the event, with 64 players seeded as follows:

  • Top 40 off the 2022 Nineball World Rankings
  • 24 determined by the WPA Rankings

Double elimination matches are all race to 9, with all matches from the Last 64 a race to 11 except the final, which is a race to 13.


Albin Ouschan (1) vs Lo Hum Sum
David Alcaide (2) vs Benji Buckley
Shane Van Boening (3) vs Waleed Majid
Max Lechner (4) vs Jani Uski
Aloysius Yapp (5) vs Dimitri Jungo
Naoyuki Oi (6) vs Roberto Bartol
Ko Ping Chung (7) vs Tobias Bongers
Joshua Filler (8) vs Chirs Melling
Eklent Kaçi (9) vs Mycherif Zine El Abidine
Alexander Kazakis (10) vs Nicholas De Leon
Chang Jung-Lin (11) vs Veronika Ivanovskaia
Omar Al-Shaheen (12) vs JJ Faul
Ko Pin-Yi (13) vs Jakub Koniar
Jayson Shaw (14) vs Vincent Halliday
Oliver Szolnoki (15) vs Hassan Shaaz Mohamed
Skyler Woodward (16) vs Daniele Corrieri
Francisco Sanchez Ruiz (17) vs Besar Spahiu
Denis Grabe (18) vs Ruben Bautista
Chang Yu-Lung (19) vs Petri Makkonen
Mieszko Fortunski (20) vs Jeff Buckley
Dennis Orcollo (21) vs Pia Filler
Niels Feijen (22) vs Elliott Sanderson
Mario He (23) vs Amalia Matas
Alex Pagulayan (24) vs Sebastian Batkowski
Marc Bijsterbosch (25) vs Imran Majid
John Morra (26) vs Adrian Prasad
Konrad Juszczyszyn (27) vs Mason Koch
Ralf Souquet (28) vs Ronald Regli
Sanjin Pehlivanović (29) vs Casper Matikainen
Mika Immonen (30) vs Ana Gradisnik
Wiktor Zielinski (31) vs Daniel Guttenberger
Thorsten Hohmann (32) vs Mats Schjetne
Tomasz Kaplan (33) vs Monica Webb
Tyler Styer (34) vs Philip Stojanovic
Kelly Fisher (35) vs Justin Toye
Bader AlAwadhi (36) vs Marcel Price
Jonas Souto Comino (37) vs Max Eberle
Hunter Lombardo (38) vs Mohamed Shareef
Marco Teutscher (39) vs Moritz Neuhausen
Chris Reinhold (40) vs Darryl Chia Soo Yew
Darren Appleton (41) vs Chetan Chhabra
Pijus Labutis (42) vs Ko Pin Hang
Corey Deuel (43) vs Bashar Hussein Abdulmajeed
Mickey Krause (44) vs Ivan Meng Li
Billy Thorpe (45) vs Ip Tung Pong
Daniel Schneider (46) vs April Larson
Sharik Sayed (47) vs Hsie Hchia Chen
Michael Yednak (48) vs Dang Than H Kien
Dimitris Loukatos (49) vs Ali Al Obaidli
Abdullah Alyousef (50) vs Quoc Hoang Dwong
Mateusz Sniegocki (51) vs Michal Gavinciak
Wojciech Szewczyk (52) vs Roman Hybler
Robbie Capito (53) vs Yukio Akagariyama
Michael Schneider (54) vs Eylul Kibaroglu
Wu Kun Lin (55) vs So Shaw
Toh Lian Han (56) vs Francesco Candela
Oscar Dominquez (57) vs Dino Nair
Bahram Lotfy (58) vs Adam Smith
Nikos Ekonomopoulos (59) vs Matthew Edwards
Radoslaw Babica (60) vs Chris Alexander
Masato Yoshioka (61) vs Jorge Tinoco
Jan Van Lierop (62) vs Kyle Akaloo
Shane Wolford (63) vs Fabio Petroni
Daniel Maciol (64) vs Jose Alberto Delgado

This year sees a new format for the double-elimination stage of the World Pool Championship as below

New Structure for Days 1 & 2

Round 1 (Day 1 – Wednesday 6th April)

Seeded 64 will play unseeded 64 with the with winner progressing to Winners’ Qualification and Losers going to Losers’ Round 1

Winners’ Qualification (Day 1 – Wednesday 6th April)

64 winners from Round 1 face off to make Last 64 for a guaranteed $1,500.

32 Losers go to Losers’ Qualification

Losers’ Round 1 (Day 2 – Thursday 7th April)

The 64 losers from Round 1 face off to move into Losers’ Qualification

Winners progress to Winners’ Qualification whilst Losers are eliminated

Losers’ Qualification (Day 2 – Thursday 7th April)

32 Losers from Winners’ Qualification meet 32 Winners from Losers’ Round 1

32 Winners move into Last 64



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