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Leslie Pasieka wins Ladies Series at Petrina’s

The Ladies Series at Petrina’s is geared towards players ranked six or lower and has both event and finals pay-outs.  There is a points fund for the top points finishers and all players are guaranteed two matches.
Nine ladies gathered at Petrina’s in the second event of the Petrina’s Ladies Series.  The event was a double elimination – race to your handicap tournament. Some of the ladies were beyond exhaustion having played in the bar-box event the day and night before.  They were definitely Ironwomen for this endurance.  Lynette opted to take 2nd place owing to her late evening the previous night and left early.
1st Leslie Pasieka (6)         $180
2nd Lynette Valencia (5)   $100
3rd Anne Sinclair (6)          $80
4th Leanne Lini (5)             Free Entry to next event.

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