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Andy Cloth Women's International Championship Begins!

In a night full of great food, laughs, and fun...the 64 ladies got the event promoter Charlie Williams to strike a pose. Billiard style of course.
In a night full of great food, laughs, and fun…the 64 ladies got the event promoter Charlie Williams to strike a pose. Billiard style of course.

New York City- 64 women from all over the world and all over the United States have made the trek to the center of modern civilization for the highly anticipated Andy Cloth Women’s International Pool Championship ! The event is the longest women’s billiard event of any kind with 6 days of heavy pool action with a round robin event that evolves into a final single elimination chart.
The festivities began with the ANDY CLOTH Battle of the Billiard Beauties which will air on TV networks after the event, and then had a huge banquet with star speakers, players meeting, and Pro-Am event. All activities are taking place at Steinway Billiards Cafe and sponsored by Andy Cloth, J.Pechauer Cues , Viking Cues, Steinway Billiards. , Olhausen Balls, Pool & Billiard Magazine , the NAPL & Focused Apparel . Patron sponsors include Dr. Greg Diehl, Tom Gleich, and Dr. Michael Frank. Media partners include PKE Partners, IB Sports, NYC Grind, Gotham City Technologies, Nona Photography, and Charles Eames Photography. 7 days of live pool will be filmed and streamed by Inside Pool TV. Pay per view on www.Dragonpromotions.com for $10 daily or $50 for the entire week for the upcoming Andy Cloth Women’s International Pool Championship taking place December 16th-21st at the same venue.
Day 1 saw 3 time World Champion Ga Young Kim dominate her group thus far with 2 match wins and dropping only 1 game taking out South Dakota’s Megan Thornes 6-0 and China’s Jing Liu 6-1. Kim also dominated the special event 2 days earlier over Jeanette Lee, Shanelle Loraine, Akiko Kitayama at the Battle of the Billiard Beauties. On the western front, Texan Vivian Villarreal shutout her group’s top seeded Nathalie Seicter of the Netherlands and also whizzed past Sara Miller of AZ 6-1. NYC’s own Jennifer Barretta also was able to maintain a perfect day with wins over Belinda Lee and Caroline Pao. Taiwan’s resurgent Jennifer Chen looks very strong with wins over New Zealand’s Denise Wilkinson 6-5 and Wisconsin’s Kelly O’Heron 6-0.
But the day wasn’t without surprises. In Group 6 unheralded USA Connie O’Heron upset the top seed in the group Li Jia of China 6-5 while #15 seed Canadian Maureen Seto defeated the #2 seed of the event Jeanette Lee 6-5 after being down 5-3. Brackets can be found at www.nycgrind.com and full schedule of play times at www.dragonpromotions.com
Action continues on Day 2 with this TV lineup that can be ordered on www.dragonpromotions.com :
Only $10 all day or $50 All Event (at this point save $10) See right side buttons.
10:30am Ga Young Kim (KOREA) #1 seed vs Nathalie Chabot (CANADA)
11:50am Emily Duddy (USA) vs Jessica Human (USA)
1:10pm Vivian Villarreal (USA) #10 seed vs Veronique Menard (CANADA)
2:30pm Jing Liu (CHINA) #16 seed vs Erin McManus (USA)
4:30pm Ga Young Kim (KOREA) #1 seed vs Erin McManus (USA)
5:50pm Vivian Villarreal (USA) #10 seed vs Michelle West (USA)
7:10pm Jeanette Lee (USA) #2 seed vs Hiroko Makiyama (JAPAN)
8:00pm Shanelle Loraine (GUAM) vs Ewa Mataya Laurance (USA)
Follow the latest news and frequent updates on www.facebook.com/womensinternationalpool
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