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Van Boening Takes 8-Ball & All Around at 24th Annual U.S. Bar Table Championship

CueSports International, Henderson, NV (Dec. 16, 2017) — Shane Van Boening double-dipped James Aranas of the Philippines to win the 8-Ball Division of the U.S. Bar Table Championship Saturday, locking up the All-Around title for the third time.


Van Boening won the 9-Ball Division and took second in the 10-Ball Division earlier this week. He also won the All-Around title in 2008 and 2010.

Van Boening came into the finals from the one-loss side of the bracket. He started the tournament with wins over: Ernesto Dominguez, 5-1; Dave Strachan, 5-0; Dennis Orcollo, 5-3; Max Eberle, 5-4; before losing to Jesse Engle, 4-5. On the B-Side of the bracket, he bested; Mitch Ellerman, 5-1; Skyler Woodward, 5-3; and Jesse Engel, 5-2 to make it to the finals. Van Boening met Aranas in the finals and beat him 5-1 in the first set, to force a second set in the true double-elimination tournament.


Aranas’ went into the finals undefeated, beating: Michael Tonsowny, 5-0; Andrew Wroblewski, 5-3; Marshall Hill, 5-2; Mitch Ellerman, 5-2; Skyler Woodward, 5-0; and Jesse Engel, 5-3. But he was unable to beat Van Boening in the finals.



1. Shane Van Boening           $4,000

2. James Aranas                      $2,300

3. Jesse Engel                           $1,500

4. Sky Woodward                                     $1,000

5. Mitch Ellerman                   $700

6. Max Eberle                           $700

7. Dennis Orcollo                     $450

8. Jason Klatt                            $450

9. Oscar Dominguez              $300

10. Shaun Wilkie                     $300

11. Demetrius Jelatis             $300

12. Jeremy Edwards              $300

13. Amar Kang                         $200

14. George Walters                $200

15. Matt Hill                              $200

16. Josh Smith                          $200

17. Vilmos Foldes                   $150

18. Mark Tademy                                    $150

19. Vinnie Calabrese              $150

20. Zhou Zhau                          $150

21. Sean Lewis                         $150

22. Marshall Hill                      $150

23. Ace Brown                          $150

24. James Blackburn              $150

In the Women’s Division, Arizona’s Bernie Store was undefeated to win the title of 2017 US Bar Table Women’s 8-Ball Champion.


Store’s path to the finals included wins over: Alicia Huff, 4-2; Jessica Frideres, 4-3; Rachel Lang, 4-3; and Tian Tian, 4-3.


Jessica Frideres, who won the 9-Ball Division, came through the one loss side to meet Store in the finals. Frideres won her first match of the tournament against Amanda Stevens, 4-0, before Store sent her to the losers bracket, 4-3. On the B-side, Frideres bested: Molly Oliver, 4-0; Karen Poitra, 4-2; Jennifer Shumaker, 4-1; Rachel Lang, 4-0; and Tian Tian, 4-2. But Frideres wouldn’t be able to overcome Store in the finals, where she lost 4-1.


Payouts: 1. Bernie Store, $850; Jessica Frideres, $500; Tian Tian, $300; and Rachel Lang, $200.

Frideres’ second place finish earned her enough to second the Women’s All-Around title and $500 bonus.


The 24th US Bar Table Championships concluded Saturday at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

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