John Furman Memorial 9-Ball Event

John Furman

John had an incredible lust for life always looking for the next adventure. He started his pool journey at Pool Paradise where he found his love for the game. He always loved doing drills and practicing with his fellow players. He met a lot of great people playing pool.
John moved on to a different pool hall because Pool Paradise closed. He started playing in a Pool League at Sharp Shooters Billiards where he met some close friends until that Pool Hall unfortunately closed.
John and the team moved to there new home the Breakroom were the team played league for 2 years until the team spilt. He still played with some of his old teammates on weekends or when ever he could.
John love to watch great pool. He enjoyed his trips down to the US Open where he cheered on his favourite pros. He love watching Shane Van Boening run racks and enjoyed watching Earl Stricklands antics. He also got some great photo opportunities with Johnny Archer and Nick Varner when he was at the US Open.
John was a very kind man that would help out any one who would ask for advice about Pool or even life. He will be truly missed by his friends and family. We will always remember him as he made us all feel wanted and we will never forget his passion for playing on the green cloth what ever games it maybe.

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