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Margo,Hunter, & Cueball Kelly Inducted into the Straight Pool Hall of Fame

New York City- Bobby Hunter, Peter Margo, and Carl “Cueball Kelly” Zingale have now entered into billiards immortality. The trio of inductees were nominated by nominations from past Hall of Famers, sponsors, and then voted for by them and the fans.
“This is probably the greatest honor I’ve ever received in my life”, said Margo.
“I was touched and honored just to be nominated for the Straight Pool Hall of Fame. For those of us who love this game, no higher goal could be realized than to be a member”, said Hunter.
While both Margo and Hunter will be inducted into the Greatest Player category, Carl “Cueball Kelly” Zingale will be inducted into the Unsung Hero category as his votes surpassed Tom Jennings and Frank McGown. Cueball Kelly was a renowned referee and vocal supporter of straight pool during 5 different decades. He was nominated by several legends including Ray Martin and Pete Margo.
“During that era of pool, a referee had an enormous impact on the match. They called out the balls and kept track of points for the players and audience. A good referee’s cadence could help even a player stay in rhythm. Out of all of them Cueball Kelly was the best. If you had a big time pool tournament, you always hired Cueball. He refereed the biggest matches of several eras”, explained Margo of Kelly’s importance to the sport.
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“You can beat these guys. You have to believe you belong here” -2016 14.1 Hall of Fame nominee Bobby Hunter keeping the ‪#worldstraight‬ to former student & later World 14.1 Champion John Schmidt convincing him to goto his first big 14.1 tournament where he eventually defeated legendary Mike Sigel.
‪#BobbyHunter‬ at a glance:
-Born 1953 in Detroit MI. Grew up in Grand Rapids MI.
-Right handed. Cue: Hunter Cue (formerly Balabushka)
-High run 225 done at Amsterdam Billiards
-Started playing at age 15
-Mentors: Earl Coburn, John Broucek, Terry Zaski.
-Biggest title wins: 1990 World 14.1 defeated Ray Martin twice including the finals and Steve Mizerak in the semi.
-Won the Kim Steel 14.1 Masters in 1994 defeated Jimmy Fusco, Ed Kelly (former World 14.1 winner) , Danny Diliberto (BCA Hall of Fame), Grady Mathews. and Danny Barouty(14.1 Hall of Fame) in the finals.
-Served as President of the MPBA (Men’s Professional Billiards Association)
-Captain of the 1st USA Mosconi Cup and 2nd. Won both years.
-Hunter mentored & taught Hall of Famer Jeanette Lee “The Black Widow”& World 14.1 Champion John Schmidt for years
-1993 built his first cue and sold it for $600. Today Hunter Cues start at $1400&up and makes only 40 cues a year. Email
“Playing in the World 14.1 isn’t about the money. That’s a way distant second. It was always about seeing who was the best”
2016 14.1 Hall of Fame nominee ‪#PeteMargo‬ keeping the ‪#worldstraight‬. Fast facts:
Born Oct 9 1944.
Right handed. Cue: Balabushka
-Started at age 14.
-High run: 330 balls done against Mike Carella at the 1977 World Series of Pool
-Mentors: Danny Gardner of NJ. Multiple Top 10 World 14.1 finishes
-Mentor: Irving Crane, 5-Times World 14.1 Champion
-Biggest title wins : The 1972 World 14.1 Open in Las Vegas defeating Lou Butera (World 14.1 Champ) and Luther Lassiter in the finals (4x World 14.1 Champion)
– Also won the World Series of Pool 3x with and twice defeating Steve Mizerak in 2 of the finals.
– Co-founded the PPPA (Professional Pool Players Association) in 1976
– Retired from professional pool in 1981 at the prime age of 35 to better support his family. Opened nationwide chain Palmer Video which eventually went public and sold for $200 million.
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The 6th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet will take place in the middle of the event on September 7th at 7:30pm. Every year the popular dinner sells out with all the pool stars and legends attending.
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Throughout a decade, Dragon Promotions has been able to revitalize straight pool back into the sport and to new audiences. In 2006, straight pool was near it’s complete death in the US. Since then we have poured our resources in media, finance, and know-how to grow the popularity of 14.1. Today, the consensus among the professionals on tour is that the World 14.1 is one of, if not the most, important titles to win in America. Something not expected decades ago.
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