Shooters Billiards $1,000 Added Snooker Finale

This past weekend at Shooters Billiards in North York, Ontario the historic room played host to a $1000 added 6 red snooker tournament. The added money was generated from money put aside from the Thursday night weekly snooker tournaments. These tournaments have been popular enough, that they could be able to hold three to four $1000 added tournaments a year if the participation rate stays the same.
On Sunday the 25 qualified players came out to take a shot at the added prize fund, players also paid a $30 or $60 entry fee based on how many qualifying weeks they had played. The participants were a mix of old snooker stalwarts and young pool players, most of them playing with pool cues. It was nice to see some of the younger generation showing some interest in snooker.
The format was 6 reds with a low handicap of minus 8 and and a high handicap of plus 32. For those of you not familiar with this format the higher rated player receives the difference in handicap as a spot. Players raced to 3 in the preliminary rounds and raced to 4 in the semi finals.
By the time the semi finals rolled around the representation of young and experienced was evident, as we had two players playing with pool cues and two players playing with snooker cues. The two low handicaps Mario Morra and Erik Hjorleifson were sidelined earlier in the event. In the semi finals 23 year old Stefan Godinho defeated Doug Gibson and Peter Hetherington who has been playing more as of late and showed his snooker experience defeating young upstart Carlin Sanderson. The final was a close affair with Stefan Godinho edging out a well deserved 4-2 victory.

Winner Stefan Godinho
Winner Stefan Godinho

Kudos to shooters for putting together a successful format that resulted in some good snooker this weekend. Weekly tournaments will resume Thursdays and we will look forward to the next money added event.

    Prize Money

Stefan Godinho $800
Peter Hetherington $400
Carlin Sanderson $150
Doug Gibson $150

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