The Richler Cup Venue – Humber College

Snooker Canada is pleased to announce the venue for the final stages of The Richler Cup, which will take place at Humber College in Toronto.

Humber College, North Campus
Humber College, North Campus

The North Campus of Humber College has a beautiful setting in Etobicoke and will be the host of the latter part of this event. Thousands of students will be exposed to our wonderful game of snooker and will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn the rules of the game, and see some of the best players in the country and beyond compete.
The ironic thing about this is that Mordecai Richler gave lectures at this college once upon a time. Here we are, decades later and his name will be mentioned some more under a different light, as he was a snooker aficionado himself and played the game to help him relax after a hard days work.
With a capacity seating of 300, this looks to be a nice event where every seat will have a great view of the match.
More details about dates, formats, and entries will be announced shortly.

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