New Board Member Joins Snooker Canada

As the Snooker Canada family grows, we are pleased to introduce you to Jonathan Perlman, the Chief Technology Officer.

Jonathan Perlman
Jonathan Perlman
Jonathan has been with Snooker Canada since its inception and is responsible for the creation, management, and editing of the Snooker Canada website. He is also a part of the social media marketing efforts as well as many other aspects of the online experience.
With over 15 years experience in the IT world, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to our industry and will continue to be a major component of the growth & development of Snooker Canada.
Jonathan is not only in charge of the website, he also takes part in Snooker Canada’s events with many other aspects of management. Jonathan appeared in the World Junior Championships in 2011, as well as the Richler Cup in 2014.
We welcome Jonathan on board and look forward to many years of growth with both our website and our game.

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