Mark Selby Wins First World Title

Mark SelbyMark Selby stunned the World and himself by coming back from as far down as 5-10 to win 18-14, as he admitted he dreaded coming to this event because of previous poor play. His competitor, Ronnie O’Sullivan, is widely known to be the best outright shooter in the game, often running centuries in minutes; dazzling anyone who has played this game before. O’Sullivan, who was the two time defending champion, was favoured to win his 6th world title even though he had a sub par performance throughout the tournament.
Unfortunately for the Rocket and his fans, Selby was at the top of his game in the final two sessions, after closing the gap to 10-7 the previous day. Selby came back in the final day reinvigorated and determined as he began to implement a barrage of safeties and brilliant strategy to stifle O’Sullivan and take his first lead 12-11 at the end of the day’s first session.
In the final session O’Sullivan had one more chance to regain his form and momentum, as he was down 14-15. However Selby, who later spoke of this frame as the point he identified where he could take over the match, did exactly that. Grinding out O’Sullivan to the extent where after the match he admitted to being numb for long periods of time because of lack of time at the table and lack of good opportunities. Selby ran away after that, completing the improbable but very entertaining comeback, winning his first world title and the £300,000 top prize.

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