Everekian Wins 2017 Richler Cup – $5000

Congratulations goes out to John Everekian of Ontario for winning the 2017 Richler Cup.
After getting to the Semi – Finals in 2015, John pushed through this time and beat American Renat Denkha in a great match with lots of twists and turns.
In the end, it was the double knockout format that came into John’s favor as Renat won the first match in a race to 4 , but had to come to do it a second time in a race to 2, but was not able to.
John Everekian also got the high run of the tournament with a brilliant 122.
Thank you to everyone that helped make this event a great experience.
Tournament Director : Lance Brommerland
Master of Ceremony : Gord MeWhiney
Tournament Referees : Kevin Patrick, Sylvain Ethier, Larry Lasalle
Host Venue : Shooterville (Thanks Don , Paul and your wonderful staff! )
Host Hotel : Holiday Inn Burlington
Live Streaming : Lance Brommerland
Television Media : Cogeco
Commentators : David Burney & David Puddy
Photography : Rob DeCator, RGD Photography
Videography : Rob DeCator, RGD Photography
Table Mechanic : Patrick McCarthy
Special Guest : Mayor Rick Goldring – City of Burlington
Tournament Webmaster : Jonathan Perlman
Promotions : Mohammad Obeid
Tournament Sponsors : Mr Billiards, Monte Carlo Inn & Suites, Shooterville
Media Sponsor : The Pool Scene
Official Cloth Sponosor : Strachan
Official Balls Sponsor : Aramith
Player Liaison : Eddie Galati
Junior Program Volunteers – Rick Howard and Family
A big thank you goes out to all the staff and volunteers for all the hours on top of more hours in preparation for this event. Unless someone has ever been involved in organizing an event of this magnitude, it would be very difficult to understand what is involved in executing all the details.
High Run Winner : John Everekian 122
Other top runs:
90 Renat Denka
91 Jason Williams
92 Charlie Brown
95 Renat Denka
120 Fern Loyer

John Everekian
Everekian Wins $5000 Top Prize at Shooterville

  1.  John Everekian   $5000
  2. Renat Denkha      $2000
  3. Fern Loyer           $1000
  4. Tom Finstad         $750
  5. Ahmed Aly          $500
  6. Alex Zhang          $500
  7. Andre Roy           $375
  8. Lobsang Lama      $375
  9. Barry Larone        $250
  10. Eddie Galati         $250
  11. Jason Williams    $250
  12. Phil Snache         $250
  13. Dan Styles          $250
  14. Derrick Claus      $250
  15.  Farid Afandi       $250
  16. Wayne Chan       $250


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