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"47" Extravaganza Results from Shooters in Toronto

“47” Extravaganza March 10th & 11th
All White Final
This week’s 4-7 extravaganza 10 ball event was well received with over $8,000 dollars in the prize pool there was plenty to play for. The field was as always extremely tough with the likes of previous winners such as: Brenden Croft, Ronald Giron, Mike Leigh, Ken Stutz, and many more!
Coming down to the last twelve. Starting on the B side there was Ryan Gammy vs Michael O, Jehlar Fernandez vs rising star Brenden Croft, Steven Barnhart vs Mel B, and Gene C vs Brandyn Griff. With so many previous winners of Shooters tournaments the B side surely ought to be a blood bath of good shots. On the A side there were no surprises with Ronald Giron vs Steve Scobia and Chris Melanson vs Art Bertoni.
Ronald came out of the gate shooting putting Scobia away 7-3 with ease. The same score line was duplicated by Chris as he dispatched Art. Both Art and Steve have a chance to redeem themselves on the B side. 7-3 seemed to be a popular score line as Ryan was knocked out of the tournament by Michael in the first B side match on Sunday. The next match was a nail biter as Brenden and Jehlar were going back and forth, seemed like luck was on the youngling’s side though as he managed to edge out a 6-5 win against Jehlar whom is known for his very consistently gameplay. The last two remaining matches ended 6-2 in favour of Steve Barnhart and Brandyn as their counterparts Mel and Gene get knocked out of the tournament.
Down to the final eight. With the first match of the final 8 we can see how the plus system makes a difference as that was all that separated Brenden and Michael. Going blow for blow, Brenden manages to edge out another win hill-hill and advances to the final 6. Brandyn seemed to be all rested up and hit another gear today sending Steve Barnhart home winning by 6 matches to 4 once again. So it is Brandyn and Brenden to face the losers of the A side matches on Sunday.
The first match is between Brenden who has made a deep run and Steve Scobia whom we are starting to see more of recently. The second is between Brandyn and Art, the two know each other well and Brandyn usually has the edge with his fast aggressive playstyle. Brandyn shows his dominance beating Art 6-3 while Steve shows Brenden why he deserves to be in the final four beating him 7-4.
We are down to the final four! Steve Scobia vs Brandyn Griff and Ronald Giron vs Chris Melanson. Out of these four, who would you bet on to win? Starting with the B side match, Brandyn seemed to run out of steam as he succumbed to Steve’s consistency losing 3 games to 7. The Prince of Pool Ronald Giron couldn’t overcome Chris and lost out 5-7, both players who are 7+s agreed to race to 7 instead. This leaves Chris in the hotseat awaiting the winner of the match between Ronald and Steve.
Down to the last two matches of the night. Ronald would unfortunately not get his rematch against Chris losing hill-hill. That match seemed to take everything out of Steve as he got demolished by Chris in one match of the finals leaving Chris Melanson as this week’s tournament winner. Congrats to Chris Melanson!
Shooters Snooker Club would like to take this unique opportunity to thank each and every one for coming out this weekend to support and play the event and check out the action.
See you guys on: Mar 17, “404” 9-ball Tour #7
Field: 52 Players
Prize Money: $8,125 (15% Holdback for the Finale )

1  Chris Melanson  $2,100
2  Steve Scobie  $1,380
3  Ronald Giron  $900
4  Brandyn Griffin  $580
5  Brenden Croft  $380
6  Art Bertoni  $380
7  Steve Barnhart  $250
8  Michael Orprecio  $250
9  Gene Chipongian  $170
10  Jehlar Fernandez  $170
11  Ryan Gammy  $170
12  Mel Berber  $170

***Calcutta not Included***
This was one of the 6 Main Events from Shooters EXTRAVAGANZA Series.

  • The next event will be the “47” 9 Ball Straight Race Event (Winner Break) which will take place on April 21-22, 2018
  • “47” Special Event on May (TBA).
  • The date for the “47” Extravaganza Series Grand Finale ($5,000 hold back after first 4 events plus Shooters Money Added) will be announced soon!
  • Qualifiers for this event will take place every Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 12 noon.

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