2013 Alberta Masters (Sept. 28-29) and 2013/14 snooker season…

A new snooker season is on the horizon as the summer’s end draws near and attached you will find a poster announcing the first event of the season.
albertalogoThe 2013 Alberta Masters will be held as a sort of grand opening for a new venue in Calgary. The Royal Canadian No. 1 Legion in downtown Calgary has been undergoing renovations for some time but they are now prepared to open the doors to the public to reveal a lower-level lounge establishment withseven full-size snooker tables.
This comes as a great relief to both players and tournament organizers alike who will all benefit from having more tables available and getting the events held at this location completed with less time spent waiting around.
As it is a new season, all players wishing to play in this event and the upcoming qualifiers and other ranking tournaments will need to pay an annual association sanction fee of $25 in addition to the entry fee for the first event you elect to play in. (i.e. if you want to play in the Alberta Masters, be sure to bring $75 total).
An optional players meeting will be held before the event to discuss the upcoming season and give you an opportunity to bring questions or suggestions to the table. I would like to get as much feedback from the players as possible about how we can get the most out of these events going forward.
A number of technical headaches are preventing me from updating the website at the moment, but the tentative dates for the other events in the season can be viewed on the Event Calendar page or the 2013/14 season page for those looking to plan ahead. More concrete information will be available soon.

Alberta Billiards & Snooker Association


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