The young guns dominate!

What a tournament! With $1,000 added and two spots to the 47 extravaganza there was plenty of action at Shooters this Saturday. With a total prize pool of just over $3,000 there were 47 players that came out to compete for the $1,000 first place prize. There tournament was bound to be very competitive with the likes of previous winners such as: Shane Gummerson and Vince Chrysler. Additionally, other tournament favourites included John Timmerman, Carlin Sanderson, and Waleed Hashem. There were also some handicap changes with the recent winners mentioned previously both moving up to 7+s.
It was late in the day that we came down to the final 12. On the A side there was Nathan Clarke versus Marco Sevilla and Vince Chrysler, who once again is making a strong showing, versus Kevin Oliveira. On the B side Isaac Ramos plays Alan Ada, Shane Gummerson versus a first time money earner at these tournaments David Kirby, Waleed Hashem versus John Timmerman, and finally Jun Briones versus Carlin Sanderson. Can you confidently guess a winner out of these powerhouses?
In the first A side match Nathan plays Marco. Nathan starts off strong and capitalizes from a missed 9 from Marco to go ahead 4-2. From here Nathan goes on to close out the match from a seemingly cold playing Marco 6-2. In the other match Vince continued his great form jumping ahead 6-1. The extra handicap comes into play as Kevin grinds and claws his way back into the match to make it 7-5 and hill-hill! After some safety exchanges Vince edges out the win against Kevin to proceed to play Nathan Clarke in the A side final.
The B side was no less exciting. Isaac who dominated his previous two matches 9-0 and 8-2 respectively finds it tough against Alan and fails to take home the W losing 6-7. Arguably the most surprising match of the night came from David who was playing previous winner Shane. David starts out strong going shot for shot and rack for rack with Shane. It goes to 4-3 to David, Shane however seems to thrive on the pressure coming back to make it hill-hill. David in a miraculous effort manages to take out Shane to continue his first run ever into the money. Waleed’s match against John also went to hill-hill in which Waleed came out on top. Lastly, the rivalry between Jun and Carlin continues. These two are no strangers to each other playing each other on a weekly basis, but who would come out on top? Jun keeps it close to Carlin but is unable to come out victorious as Carlin moves on to the next round to face Waleed.
The last 6 players are as follows: Nathan Clarke, Vince Chrysler, Alan Ada, David Kirby, Waleed Hashem, and Carlin Sanderson. Starting with the B side this time as they have one match to catch up on. Alan goes on to face David. With it being very late already David struggled to keep up his form due to fatigue and loses 7-2. In the other match Waleed shalacks Carlin 7-3. The next two matches now start between the A side and B side finalists. Nathan jumps into a 4-1 lead against Vince as he makes a few costly early mistakes. Vince, however, grabs the momentum right back to tie it up at 4-4. At 5-5, Nathan has a nice break and run to close out the match 6-5 and progress himself to the final guaranteeing himself second place! Could Vince come back from the B side to enact revenge? Waleed who was sent to the B side pretty early in the tournament goes on a tear beating Kevin 8-1 and then Alan 7-2 and now faces Vince in the B side final. Waleed’s momentum is slowed by Vince but not stopped as Vince succumbs to the same fate as Waleed’s previous opponents.
Finally, early in the morning of the next day Waleed faces Nathan in the final, but since this is a true double elimination special event Waleed has to beat Nathan twice to take home the final. Waleed plays on another level jumping to a 6-1 lead against Nathan. Nathan tries to claw his way back in to make it 7-4, but after a fluke ball and a run out Waleed took the first match 7-4. The second round was a similar story as Waleed won by the same margin to become this week’s 3-9 Ball Invitational Event’s Champion!
Shooters would like to thank all the players that came out to support this week’s tournament. Shooters also rewarded players who continuously come out with two entry spots into the 47 Extravaganza. Those spots were given to Nathan Clarke and David Kirby so congratulations to them! Biggest congratulations to Waleed Hashem who played 11 matches in the whole tournament coming from deep in the B side to take 1st place! Additionally, Shooters would like to applaud Nathan Clarke who remained undefeated the whole day after beating some very strong players. Lastly, HUGE praise to David Kirby who has been coming to tournaments year after year and never goes deep into the tournament finally cashes! Read below for the upcoming events at Shooters, hopefully we will see you there!
Field: 47 players (One-Day Event)
Prize: $3,090 ($1,000 Added)
Calcutta : $1370
1. Waleed Hashem $1,000
2. Nathan Clarke $650
3. Vince Chrysler $420
4. Alan Ada $270
5. Marco Sevilla $180
6. Kevin Oliveira $180
7. David Kirby $110
8. Carlin Sanderson $110
9-12 $40
** Calcutta not included **
Reminder :
Monday, Oct 17 : Weekly Fun Day Monday Nite 8-Ball bar Box
Wednesday, Oct 19 : Weekly Ball Handicap 9-Ball Tourney
Friday, Oct 21 : Weekly Friday Nite Bar Box 8-Ball
Saturday, Oct 22 : 404 Tour 4-13 handicap
Sunday Oct 23 : 2-5 handicap Event

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