Turkey, Stuffing, and Gummerson!

Amateur 9 Ball Tour #2 Report from Shooters
What a weekend! Filled with turkey, stuffing, and of course… Pool! I wish you all a happy belated Thanksgiving, now on to the pool! There was an impressive turnout despite the festivities with more than 40 shooters coming out to compete for this week’s 9 Ball Amateur event. There were some big names that have just joined us for this season with the likes of Paul Duell, John Timmerman, and Brad Guthrie. With a calcutta totaling $1,370 it was obvious that there was lots of competition. May the best shooter win!
Down to the last 12. On the A side there were no surprises with the matches being Paul Duell versus Shane Gummerson and John Andrade versus Rob Hall. The B side was similarly unsurprising with the likes of Jun Briones versus Che Lemmon, Norm Santos versus Steve Menezes, Steve Dutra versus Naomi Williams, and finally Vince Chrysler versus Brad Guthrie. Could Vince come back from the B side to win back to back tournaments like Carlin?
Starting with the B side, a large improvement from Che saw him thrash Jun 5-4 to go onto the next round. Norm was able to do similar damage winning his match against Steve 6-2 and now faces Che. Norm continues his winning streak but the match is brought to hill-hill by Che. On the bottom of the B side bracket Steve was unable to overcome Naomi losing his match 7-2. Brad and Vince had a very close match both being 7+s it was hard to tell who was going to win with both of them playing strong, Vince manages to edge out a hill-hill win to go on to play Naomi. Vince’s dreams were put to an end of winning back to back tournaments by Naomi losing 7-4. At this point, both Norm and Naomi await the losers of the A side semi-final matches.
Super 6 John managed to pummel Rob winning 6-4 to advanced to the A side final. In the other match Shane manages to beat one of the tournament favourites Paul to play John. In a back and forth battle John manages to come out on top winning hill-hill against Shane sending him to the B side. In the last 4 on the b side there was a 6, 7, 8, and 9 covering all handicaps. Paul manages to stay alive beating Norm 8-2 to go on to face Naomi who previously beat Rob hill-hill. Paul hungry with revenge manages to overcome Naomi to play Shane once again. Paul tormented by Shane loses by the same score as earlier in the day.
Finally after a very long day the final is a big rematch between John Andrade. Shane does his best not to let John get in the game taking two matches every time John got one. This eventually led to Shane’s victory and second tournament win this season so well done Shane!
Shooters would like to thank all the players for coming out to the tournament on this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend. Shooters will continue to host more tournaments for players all around Ontario, you can see these events below the payout list. Firstly Shooters would like to congratulate Shane Gummerson yet again on winning another tournament! Additionally, well done to John Andrade for staying A side all the way and losing to a very strong Shane in the final! Lastly, congratulations to Norm and Che who have made huge improvements into their games to cash in this very competitive field.
Field: 44 Players
Prize: $1950 ($500 added and 15% Holdback for Finale)
Calcutta: $1370

1. Shane Gummerson $680
2. John Andrade $430
3. Paul Duell $280
4. Naomi Williams $180
5. Norm Santos $120
6. Rob Hall $120
7. Che Lemon $70
8. Vince Chrysler $70
***Calcutta not included***
*Wednesday, October 12: 9Ft 9 Ball – Ball Handicap Event – Guaranteed $400 in Prize Money
*Friday, October 14: Friday Nite Bar Box 8-ball
*Saturday, October 15: Shooters Invitational “3-9″ 9-Ball Event. $1,000 added plus two free prepaid ($150) spots into”47” Extravaganza Event.
*Sunday, October 16: “2-5” 9 Ball event

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

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