Strong start for Mr. Sanderson at Amateur Tour Stop #1

A fitting start for the new season. With many high handicapped players coming out to the Amateur’s first event of the new season there was bound to be some good matches. On the A side there was John Timmerman versus a very good showing from Art Bertoni and Carlin Sanderson versus Ronald Giron. On the B side there was Waleed Hashem versus Shane Van Gummerson, Terry Demeo versus Aqeel Mohammad, Rocky Mansera versus Richard Murray, and Rob Hall versus Darwin Madriaja.
John has been playing strong all tournament not letting any of his matches go to hill-hill and it was the same against Art. Winning 9-2, John now advances to the A side final. Arguably one of the most interesting matches of the night Ronald and Carlin have a very tense back and forth battle, but the recent strong form of the Filipino was too much for Carlin as he loses 4-7 and gets sent to the B side. Ronald now faces John in the A side finals. The B-side was dramatic as well with Aqeel making a rare showing deep into the tournament beating Terry 4-3 and Waleed, who previously beat Shane. Aqeel then goes on to face Art and edges out a victory in a very close hill-hill match to sit in the B side semifinals. Rob Hall who consistently makes it far in the Shooters tournaments once again comes out ahead of Darwin and Rocky to face Carlin. Unfortunately, Rob lost hill-hill to Carlin as their slight handicap disparity makes the difference.
Carlin has no problem dispensing of Aqeel and runs over him winning 9-1. Timmerman’s strong display continued as he beat Ronald 9-3 which now puts John in the Finals and guarantees himself first or second place. This allows Carlin to enact his revenge against Ronald in another hill-hill match winning 9-6. Carlin who is no stranger to coming back from the B-side now faces John in the final only having to beat him once as this is not a special event. These two players are no strangers to the spotlight or finals, having both previous won many tournaments at Shooters. John is the epitome of consistency and Carlin is the B side comeback king. Carlin who was determined to start the season strong beat John 8-7 is a tightly contested match. This makes Carlin the first Amateur Champion of the 2016-17 season!sanderson
As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the Amateur 9 Ball Tour. Huge congratulations to Carlin Sanderson who once again makes a strong appearance. Shooters would also like to congratulate John Timmerman for staying A side all the way to the finals. Shooters would like to mention that next week (September 17th) will be the Invitational Amateur 9 and Under with $1,000 added plus 4-6 free direct entry spots into the 47 Extravaganza main event. Lastly, on the 18th of September is the 2-5 handicap event.
Prize: $1,130
Calcutta: $830
1. Carlin Sanderson – $420
2. John Timmerman – $270
3. Ronald Giron – $180
4. Aqeel Mohamed – $120
5. Rob Hall – $70
6. Art Bertoni – $70
*Calcutta Not Included*
Next Events:
Saturday, September 17th: Shooters Invitational Amateur 9 and Under 9 Ball Event – $1,000 added plus 4-6 free direct entries into the 47 Extravaganza on Nov 12-13th.
Sunday, September 18th: 2-5 Handicap 9 Ball Event

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