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Today was the tournament as part of the Silver Jubilee Tournaments hosted by Shooters Snookerclub with an extra $1,500 added and two free spots given into the finale. One spot was given to the 2-4s and another from 5-7s. It has been a while since the last group shootout and it was obviously well received with 64 different players coming out to compete for the money, not to mention a decent sized calcutta. The winner would certainly be hard to predict however there were some favorites. They included: Waleed Hashem, Naomi Williams, Vince Belanger, and Vince Chrysler.
Since there were two groups this article will be split into two sections, the first will start with the 5-7 group and the second with the 2-4 group for the first day. From the first day Day two combines both groups. In the A side final for the 5-7 group there was Naomi Williams versus Marc Julien who are both 7+s. In the B side quarter finals there was Brandyn Griff versus Vince Belanger and Stefane Godinho versus Waleed Hashem. Naomi has not had an easy road to the A side final, but that has only made her play stronger and it showed versus Marc as she destroyed him 7-1 shortly after she sent Waleed to the B side.
On the B side Vince and Waleed go up against each other. Two titans fighting for a chance at third place. Waleed manages to emerge victorious with a 7-4 win over Vince and advance himself to the B side final. This leaves Waleed and Marc for a chance to come back from the B side to play Naomi who is patiently waiting. In a back and forth game, Waleed manages to take an edge and beat Marc 7-5. Waleed manages to come back to get revenge on Naomi and secures himself a free spot into the Finale, sponsored by Shooters.
In the 2-4 group there was just as much intense action. In the A side final there was Dan G and David D. On the B side there was Garland Tully versus Chris H and Hossein versus Freddie R. Garland manages to win his match 4-2 and Freddie wins his match 3-2 against Hossein. This leaves Freddie and Garland to face off and guarantee themselves third place in the 2-4 bracket. Going back to the A side, Dave runs over Dan beating him 5-1 sending Dan to the B side to face the winner of Freddie and Garland. In a very close hill-hill match Garland manages to beat Freddie. Garland’s hot streak continue as Shooters happiest shooter manages to beat Dan as well 4 matches to three and advancing himself to the final of the 2-4 bracket. With all the excitement and momentum on Garland, he is able to carry that forward with another hill-hill match against Dave and wins the 2-4 bracket.
The top 8 from each group now come together to compete for even more money and the spots for the finale. From the 2-4 bracket you have: Dave B, Nigel Small, Garland Tully, Hossein Abani, Dan G, Freddie R, Dave D, and Chris H. From the 5-7 bracket there was: Steve Menezes, Brandyn Griff, Dylan Eggert, Stefane Godinho, Waleed Hashem, Vince Belanger, Marc Julien, and Naomi Williams. All these top shooters return on Sunday! Waleed and Griff end up on the A side final both of whom have been dominating the field up to this point. However, this did not stop the 2-4 bracket showing their strength as well. With Dave B knocking out Naomi and Hossein beating Dylan Eggert in the B side semi-final. Waleed manages to knock Griff to the B side winning 8-3 leaving just three players left. The B side finals between Griff and Hossein and Waleed who awaits the winner of that match to play for first place. Hossein shows up against Griff bringing the match hill-hill, but was not able to climb over that hump and allows Griff to advance forward for his rematch versus Waleed. Since this is a special event Griff needs to beat Waleed twice and as strong as Waleed was playing this was definitely an uphill battle. If anyone was up to the task it would be Griff as he wins the first match 6-4 and then the second match hill-hill! Congratulations to Griff who is now a 6+ for winning the group shootout!

Shooters would like to thank everyone for such a great response to the first of the Silver Jubilee tournaments in both brackets. This allows Shooters to continue to create great tournaments for you guys. Congratulations again to Griff, Waleed, and Hossein who finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Please look below for future events.
Field: (64 players)
Prize Payout: $3,930 ( $1,500 added and 15% hold back for Finale )
Calcutta: $3,000
1. Brandyn Griffin $1,100
2. Waleed Hashem $720
3. Hossein Arbani $480
4. Dylan Eggett $330
5. Dave Battista $220
6. Dan Gonzalez $220
7. Naomi Williams $150
8. Steve Menezes $150
9 -12 $90
13-16 $50
Feb 11, 404 Pit Stop Shootout ($3,000 added)
Feb 18, Shooters Silver Jubilee 2nd Event, “9 and Under” Event ( $1,500 added, Winner Break, Straight Race )

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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