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9 and under 10-Ball Even Races

It looks like the 10 Ball is becoming popular with 38 shooters coming out to compete for $2,340. Shooters was kind enough to add $500 to the prize pool in support of the players. Many of the big names came out to compete in fact I think this is the first tournament where the final 12 players are all powerhouses. Handicaps do not matter given the even races which shows that the stronger players still prevail. With only one player below a 7 it would be a very hard prediction to make of who would win the 10 ball.
Down to the final 12. On the A side there was the ever consistent Carlin Sanderson versus Shane Van Gummerson and Vince Belanger versus Adam Monture. On the B side there was Rod Arsenault versus Jun Briones, Jesse Piercy versus John Andrade, John Timmerman versus Isaac Ramos, and Waleed Hashem versus Ryann Malinao. Starting with the A side SVG manages to beat Carlin and send him to the B side winning 7-4. I wouldn’t count Carlin out at this point as he is a B side king. The other match was far from close with Adam Monture showing his superiority over his opponent Vince sending him to the B side in a 7-1 victory. His dominating form continues to beat Shane 7-2 leaving Shane waiting for a victor to come through the B side to play him for third place. This leaves Adam in the hot seat guaranteeing himself first or second.
To speed up the tournament the B side was even races to five. In the first B side match Rod puts a beating to Jun winning 5-3. Jesse Piercy beats John Andrade by the same score line to face Rod. Ironically Piercy loses by the same scoreline in which he won his two previous matches to Carlin Sanderson. On the bottom half of the B side John Timmerman and Isaac have a very tight match ending in a hill-hill score line. Isaac comes out on top of gentleman John only to fall to Ryann who was the victor of a hill-hill match against Waleed. Ryann who seems unstoppable every time he plays beats Isaac 5-3. 5-3 seems to be the score line of the day as Ryann goes on to beat Vince by yet the same score line, 5-3.
It is getting late and is coming down to the final few matches of the tournament. The B side semi final is between the comeback king Carlin Sanderson and hot shot Filipino Ryann Malinao. Both players are hungry to win it and both players shoot very well enough to make the match go hill-hill and you wouldn’t want it any other way between such good players at the late stage in the tournament. However, Carlin is sent to the C side while Ryann moves on to face Shane in the B side finals. Ryann is determined and enacts his revenge on Shane as it was Shane who sent Ryann to the B side in a very convincing 7-1 win. However, Ryann has had the last laugh in their hill-hill match, as it is him who faces Adam in the finals of this week’s Shooters tournament. Although, since this is a special event Ryann has to beat Adam twice to take home the championship. I was unable to attend such a powerhouse final so unfortunately there is no play by play, however, Ryann’s drive pulls through beating Adam twice and taking home the championship. Congratulations Ryann!!
Shooters would like to thank all the players who came out to support the tournaments and we hope to see you all at future events. Congratulations to Ryann who takes home another championship. Also, special notice goes out to Adam Monture who played like a champ all day only losing to Ryann in the finals. Look below for upcoming events. IMPORTANT NOTICE: there are only a handful of $175 spots left for the 4-7 Extravaganza, so if you want a spot get them quick before they go up to $200!
Prize: $2340 ($500 added)
Calcutta: $1270
1. Ryann Malinao $800
2. Adam Monture $520
3. Shane Gummerson $340
4. Carlin Sanderson $220
5. Jesse Piercey $140
6. Vince Belanger $140
7. Rod Arsenault $90
8. Isaac Ramos $90
***Calcutta not included***
Wednesday, 2nd Nov: 9 Ball- Ball handicap event at 8pm
Friday, 4th Nov: Friday Nite BarBox event at 8pm
Saturday, 5th Nov: “4-9” Amateur 9 Ball event
Sunday, 6th Nov: “2-5” handicap event
** Nov 12-13, “47” Extravaganza 9-Ball Event **

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