JJ takes down his first tournament!

Once again we have a first time winner at Shooters this past weekend. It seems like every month we are getting a new winner! Capped at 32 to make the tournament a 1 day event there were plenty of strong shooters out of the field. With previous winners showing up in the likes of John Timmermans, Ryann Malinao, and Mario Morra. There were no major upsets throughout the tournaments as the players that you would expect to win, won, except one!
The last 8 included, on the A side, Mario Morra versus Ryann Malinao and Jody Johnson versus Art Bertoni. On the B side there was Tom Fraser versus Davis Menor and John Timmermans versus Tony Hong. Who would you bet to win? Both A side matches were fairly evenly matched with an 8+ playing an 11 and a 5+ playing a 5. Both sets came down to only two games between them. Ryann Malinao became the beneficiary of his match winning 8-9 and Jody Johnson of his winning 6-3. This sends Mario and Art to the B side to try and come back and get their revenge.
The first B side match wasn’t even close, other than Davis’ loss to the B side, he had been playing strong all day and managed to smoke Tom Fraser 5-1. Davis now has a mountain to climb in the likes of Mario Morra. With Mario grinding as always he manages to win with a cushion of 11 games to 3. With John Timmermans being a very strong 9 you would have to guess that he would beat Tony Hong…and you would be right, John advances beating Tony 9 games to 4. This must have fueled John even further as he takes out Art with a doughnut. This leaves the two titans Mario and John to play against each other. Both players go shot for shot, rack for rack with each other. Unfortunately though, this is unfavourable for Mario as the match eventually gets to 9-9 meaning John takes home the W.
Back on the A side with Ryann Malino shooting as well as he has this tournament it would be a tall order to beat him. Jody was up to the task! The match started out tentative for both players but Ryann’s lack of safety play couldn’t keep Jody out and Jody eventually takes the match 5-6 and now guarantees him first or second place in this week’s tournament. It is now between John and Ryann to play out for third place. The A side defeat seemed to affect Ryann as his form did not continue against John losing 9 games to 5. John now has a shot to win yet another tournament. Can he overcome the rock that is Jody Johnson?

While it was an exhilarating match to watch Jody became the eventual and seemed to be inevitable victor winning his first ever Shooters tournament! Congratulations to Jody for his big first ever win at Shooters. Additionally, Shooters would like to congratulate John and Ryann for their deep runs in the tournament. Thank you to all the players for coming out to continually support Shooters’ events. See you all at the next tournaments scheduled below.
Field: 32 players ( One-Day Event)
Prize: $1700 ( Money Added, No 15% hold back )
Calcutta: $1090

1. Jody Johnson $570
2. John Timmermans $370
3. Ryann Malinao $240
4. Mario Morra $160
5. Davis Menor $110
6. Art Bertoni $110
7. Tony Hong $70
8. Tom Fraser $ 70
**Calcutta not included**
April 1, Silver Jubilee “9 and Under” Event

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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