James Bonn and The Irish Cream Perform in the 4-7 EXTRAVAGANZA

Shooters Snooker & Sports Club in North York, Ontario has introduced an EXTRAVAGANZA Series for handicaps “4 to 7” into 5 events and one gigantic Finale. These events have a pre- paid entries and qualifiers that allows players into the tournament. First 32 spots are worth $150, followed by $175 for the next 32 and $200 for the last 32 players in general. The Finale which is scheduled in May 2018 will then have a huge payout with all the 15% Holdback Money and No Green Fee from the 5 Events.
The first event was the “47” 9 Ball Event having 72 players in aggregate. For the total prize payout being $17,000, who wouldn’t want to make some change for Christmas?
All in all, Saturday, the 2nd of December, 2017 kicked in; Pool players and supporters walked into the pool room with super high excitement levels as to who was going to win/perform in this very event.
Peter Chin, the owner of the Pool Room performed a very proficient Calcutta which ran for about an hour and a half. The draw was done and the first few games kicked off. Right at the start of this event, a couple of upsets were seen as tough players such as Ronald Giron, Jeremy Izard and Jeet Kandhai were all pushed over to the B Side by Ryan Gammy, Alan Ada and Aqeel Mohamed respectively.
As the sun set, the tournament progressed with more nerve wrecking moments as upsets were at a mounting level having the following result:
A Side:
Ryan Gammy vs James Bonn
Jake Cajilig vs Jehlar Fernandez
Scot Noonan vs McEarl Bucais
Dave Daviau vs Oliver Johnson
B Side:
Marco Sevilla vs Art Bertoni
Terry Martin vs Ken Stutz
Rob Johnson vs Jeremy Izard
Nick Blancher vs Jago Raghoo
James Bonn defeated Ryan by 6 games to 1 to guarantee his 5th/6th place. Jake Cajilig destroyed Jehlar Fernandez overpowering him by 5 games to 0. Scot Noonan easily beat McEarl by 6 games to 3 and Dave Daviau had a thriller hill- hill game whereby he got through Oliver Johnson.
On the B Side, Art Bertoni beat Marco by 5 games to 3, Rob Johnson closed his way to victory in a hill hill game against Jeremy Izard and Nick Blancher skunked Jago by 7 games to 0.
Pay day arrived on the next day for the last 16 whereby Terry Martin got through Art Bertoni but was stopped by Dave Daviau. McEarl did his work by firing some good shots that allowed his victory against Rob Johnson and Oliver Johnson. On the A Side of the board, Scot ‘The Irish Cream’ Noonan was just unstoppable. Never did he miss a ball or get out of safeties and kick back at them. Scotty thrashed Jake Cajilig by 6 games to 2 in the A Side Finals moving over to the hot seat of this event. The tense B Side was overcome by James Bonn from Guelph who also played like a monster by defeating McEarl, Dave and Jake.
The Finals were then played at a very intense pace whereby James Bonn beat Scot Noonan in the final matches to claim his victory.

Scot Noonan, Peter Chin, James Benn and Jake Cajilig.

Shooters Snooker Club would like to congratulate all the winners of this event. Major Shout out goes to James for playing exceptionally well both days to come back from the B Side and win it, Scot Noonan for showing us his skill and perseverance in attaining his win and Jake Cajilig for playing really well and placing third.
Field: 72 Players
Prize Money: $12,000 (15% Holdback for the Finale )
1. James Bonn $3000
2. Scot Noonan $1950
3. Jake Cajilig $1250
4. Dave Daviau $820
5. McEarl Bucais $520
6. Terry Martin $520
7. Oliver Johnson $330
8. Art Bertoni $330
9. Jehlar Fernandez $220
10. Nick Blancher $220
11. Rob Johnson $220
12. Ryan Gammy $220
13. Ken Stutz $150
14. Jeremy Izard $150
15. Marco Sevilla $150
16. Jago Raghoo $150
***Calcutta not Included***
This was one of the 5 Main Events from the EXTRAVAGANZA Series. The next event will be the “25” 9 Ball Event which will take place on the 20th/21st of January 2018 followed by the ‘47’ 10 Ball Event on March 10, 2018.
The date for the “47” Extravaganza straight race and (scotch doubles or an 8 Ball Event) will be announced soon!
Qualifiers for this event will take place every Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 12 noon.
Shooters would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players and supporters for coming over to the pool room to support and play this event.

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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