Hard work pays off

This week’s amateur was packed with powerhouses. In the final 12 alone was, on the A-side, Rob Hall versus Vince Chrysler and Ben Chang versus Waleed Hashem. On the B-side, Vishal Mor again performs at a high level to play Art Bertoni, Froland Magsanoc versus Isaac Ramos, Joe Theriault versus Shane Gummerson, and Jehlar Fernandez versus Romeo Zulueta. With names like that it would be hard to predict who the winner would be.
The A-side was dominated by both Vince and Waleed who knocked their opponents Rob and Ben to the B-side. Waleed and Vince were uncontested in their dominance of the A-side. While on the B-side. Froland manages to take out Isaac Ramos and the consistently powerful Vishal Mor with a 5-3 victory. As the only 5 left in the tournament at this stage he had a big hill to climb. That hill, being Rob Hall, Froland was unable to continue his win streak as he got dominated by Rob with a score of 9-2. On the lower side of the B bracket Shane Gummerson manages to eliminate Stefane in a very close hill-hill match and surpasses Joe to make it to the B-side quarterfinals. While Jehlar advances through Gene and Romeo to be stopped by Ben Chang.
In the first of 2 matches this evening Waleed gets knocked to the B-side by Vince. It was a back and forth battle in which Vince eventually emerged as victor with a 7-7 win. Waleed was now waiting for the winner of Rob and Ben Chang. Ben continued his win streak by beating Rob 8-4 but failed to produce against Waleed and lost 7-4.
Waleed would now get his shot at his revenge against Vince and his shot to become the 9 Ball Amateur Tour Champion for event no. 8. Waleed was mildly contested in the final coming away with a 8-4 win against Vince to become this week’s 9 ball tour event #8 champion!
As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the Amateur 9 Ball Tour. Additionally, Shooters would like to congratulate Waleed’s continued improvement reflecting on his play and winnings and also praise Vince for fighting hard to stay on the A side right through to the final.
Prize Payout: $1080
Calcutta: $640
1. Waleed Hashem – $400
2. Vince Chrysler – $260
3. Ben Chang – $170
4. Rob Hall – $170
5. Froland Magsonac – $70
6. Jehlar Fernandez – $70
**Calcutta Not Included**

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