10 Ball Silver Jubilee

You were all asking for an even up tournament. It came and went this past weekend with an amazing turnout. There were 70 registered players, but Shooters Snookerclub capped it at 64 due to time constraints. That is a great turnout for an even up tournament and might give incentives for more of them. People from all handicaps came out to this event, however, naturally in an even up event you have to favour the 9s as the potential winners. However, in light of this, Shooters Snookerclub sponsored two individuals from this event to play in the finale, one person from the 2-5 SL handicap and another from the 6-7 SL handicap. So there was everything to play for.
With such a good turnout we saw the likes of Adam Monture, Marc Dumoulin, Rob Hall, John Timmermans, Ryann Malinao, and many more. Coming down to the top 8. On the A side there was John Timmerman versus Marc Dumoulin and Gene Chipongian versus Adam Monture. On the B side you had Waleed against Stefane and Ryann Malinao versus Rob Hall. Prior to these matches Kyle Godin was the 5 to benefit from the free entry spot. There was still Waleed, Stefane, and Gene who could win the 6-7 spot. John had a strong showing on Saturday and continued his form on Sunday to send Marc to the B side with an 8-4 win. Gene and Adam had a much more exciting match. Adam was playing strong, but Gene was grinding the match out and was making a comeback. It went to hill-hill and the 10 and 2 were very close together and Adam tried to make a carom but undercut it and missed leaving Gene back to the table. Adam gets another try at the 2 10 combo after a miss from Gene, as the rack continues Gene gets back to the table and manages to run it out with everyone from the stands hitting the tables in congratulations. This was the hugest upset of the tournament.
On the B side, Stefane hit another gear against Waleed and sent Waleed out of the tournament winning 7-2. Ryann was on the receiving end of an on form Rob Hall who also won by the 7-2 margin. This now leaves Stefane to play Marc and Rob to play Adam. Marc seemed to have run out of steam and after a few unforced errors, Stefane beat Marc 7-4. Adam and Rob was a match of the titans! Both seemed pretty even with each other but an on form Rob is hard to beat and Adam lost 5 racks to 7. Rob’s good form continued against Stefane as he lost 7-3.
Back to the A side, this left the very happy but relieved Gene to face another titan in the form of John Timmermans. John showed no remorse playing Gene super tight all match allowed him to show his dominance as he walked away with the win beating Gene 7 games to 1. This sent Gene to the B side to face Rob Hall in the B side finals. While Gene did not get smoked like he did previously he, unfortunately, was beaten as the underdog story comes to an end losing 7-5. This put Rob in the finals against John having to beat John twice. John has been stroking the ball amazingly all weekend and it would certainly be a tall order for Rob to win this tournament. While last week’s tournament went to the last set, this was ended early with John walking away with a big lead and keeping that lead until the very end winning 9-4 and becoming this week’s 10 Ball Silver Jubilee champion!

Congratulations to John who played strong both days straight to deservingly win this tournament. Additionally, congratulations to Rob Hall and Gene for their stellar performances, Rob has been very consistent this season in his playing and placements. Gene, on the other hand, surprised us all with his very tight game coming ahead of all the other lower handicaps to win the 6-7 free entry into the finale! Please see below for upcoming events and thank you to all the people who made it out to this week’s 10 Ball straight races event.
Field: 64 players (Two Day Event)
Prize Payout: $3,500 ($1,500 added, 15% hold back-Finale)
Calcutta: $2,480
1. John Timmermans $1,000
2. Rob Hall $650
3. Gene Chipongian $420
4. Stefane Godinho $280
5. Marc Dumoulin $190
6. Adam Monture $190
7. Waleed Hashem $125
8. Ryann Malinao $125
9. Kyle Godin $80
10. Nicholas Ridley $80
11. Naomi Williams $80
12. David Kimber $80
13. Davis Menor $50
14. Marius Nakas $50
15. Ronald Giron $50
16. Isaac Ramos $50
**Calcutta not included**
Feb 25, 3-7 10-ball Shootout
Feb 26, 2-6 handicap Event
Mar 11, “47” Extravaganza 9-Ball Even

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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