Royal City Challenge

Sumon Sarkar undefeated in 2nd RCC Event!

Another amazing weekend of pool to play in and to watch! 31 players came out to participate and there was no lack of talent in this group. After the draw was done, play began and saw some extremely tough 1st Round Match Ups. Some of the rooms favorites, and past winners, Paul Duel vs Kenny Chen, Brittany Bryant vs Wayne Tate, Ray Jansen vs Rod Arsenault, Carlin Sanderson vs Jason Montgomery, but it was Sumon Sarkar and Greg Johnson who would pull ahead of the field to play each other in the Finals.
Sumon went undefeated, drawing Paul Koeuth in the 1st Round, and successfully defeated Paul Dual, Justin Zammit, Wayne Tate and Shawn Miller, to await Greg Johnson for the final round up.
Greg’s path was longer, but no less difficult, drawing Mike Patay in the first round. Mike sent Greg on the scenic side of the board, where he had to battle through some amazing competition..Jeremy Isard, Stuart MacTaggart, Brittany Bryant, Justin Zammit, Neil Mills, Alex Bartlett, Wayne Tate and Shawn Miller..
Congratulations to Sumon Sarkar on his 1st Place Finish and to Greg Johnson for coming in 2nd Place! Amazing shooting by everyone! We look forward to another fantastic field of players on December 6th.
The Results:
1st Place: Sumon Sarkar $495 – $810 (C)
2nd Place: Greg Johnson $260 – $425 (C)
3rd Place: Shawn Miller $175 – $285 (C)
4th Place: Wayne Tate $100 – $160 (C)
5th/6th: Alex Bartlett / Carlin Sanderson $50 – $85 (C)

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