Royal City Challenge

Dan Devos clinches the victory!

The last regularly scheduled event was held on April 11th and saw a full field of 32 players come out to compete.

Dan Devos & Jeff Robson
Dan Devos & Jeff Robson

Congratulations to Dan Devos for his 1st Place Finish..  Dan’s journey to the A side final wasn’t an easy one..  He drew Jay Secord 1st round, and after defeating Jay, went on to meet and win against Greg Plester, Rod Arsenault, Neil Mills and Jeff Robson.. Devos sent Robson over to the B Side Finals..waiting for the Final match..
Jeff’s journey was no less difficult, meeting up first with Ephraim Day and progressing on the A Side with defeats against Shane Gummerson, Nick Persian, Rick Hutchings, until Dan Devos sent him to the B Side Finals.   Robson defeated Rick Hutchings once again, sending him back over to face Devos in the finals.  Being a true double elimination tournament, Robson one the 1st set, but then ultimately, Dan Devos came out the victor!!
Finals Standings
1st Place:      Dan Devos                   $520     $845 (c)
2nd Place:    Jeff Robson                 $275      $440 (c)
3rd Place:     Rick Hutchings           $185     $295 (c)
4th Place:     Adam Monture            $105     $170 (c)
5/6 Place:     Justin Kluznik              $ 50      $ 85 (c)
5/6 Place:     Neil Mills                       $ 50      $ 85 (c)
We look forward to seeing all the qualified players out for the Final Event on May 22nd – May 23rd (if required)  Contact us today to hold your spot!

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