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Hewitt soars over Morra

Thanks to Patrick De Repentigny, owner of Le Terminus pool hall for having confidence in the newly formed Falcon Tour. This was one of the best pro tournaments seen in Quebec in the last decade. All weekend long the pool room had around 50 to 75 spectators to check out these matches.
The last 3 matches of the day featured were fantastic. Martel vs Salvas match had spectators on the edge of their seat on every shot. Hewitt vs Martel 3rd place match featured a really good start for Hewitt and a comeback from Martel before Hewitt closed the match.
The final was John Morra, Canadian 8, 9 and 10 ball champion against Quebec top pro Danny Hewitt. The match was hard fought by both players. Morra starting strong taking a 6-1 lead. Morra tried a jump shot at 6-1 was ended up being costly. Hewitt came back controlling every table for 6 games in a row. Hewitt missed a shot at 8-6 and Morra cleaned it up only to scratch on his next break. That was his last error has Hewitt finished strong with 3 racks winning 11-7.

Danny Hewitt
Danny Hewitt

Main Tournament Results

1. Danny Hewitt $1,100
2. John Morra $800
3. Alain Martel $595
4. Luc Salvas $450
5-6. Yanick Bedard $325, André Goyette $325
7-8. Sébastien Cousineau $200, Patrick De Repentigny $200
9-12. Mario Morra $110, Eric Marcoux-Levesque $110, Alain Parent $110, Maxime Villeneuve $110
Second Chance Tournament:
1. Pierre Paul $300
2. Jean Vaillancourt $200
3. Mike Young $150
4. Marc Plamondon $110
Winner of the Falcon $1,000 cue was Pierre Hamel from Gatineau, Quebec. It was a fantastic weekend for everyone and the tour continues again next week in Trois-Rivières. See you there!

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