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Falcon Tour #4 Trois-Rivieres, QC (l'Abasie)

Last weekend at L’abasie pool hall took place the fourth stop of the Falcon Tour, 9 professionals,13 semi-professionals and 8 amateur participated in this event.
Would Danny Hewitt who had won the last two stops would come out victorious for a third consecutive event?
Hewitt started the tournament real strong with a 9-1 victory over Eric Horth of Montreal and had to face Yan Lalande in the second round, Lalande a local player from Trois-Rivieres had recently become the 34th professional player in the province of Quebec. It was the perfect opportunity for Lalande to prove to his peers that he was in his place and he has not disappointed anyone taking down Hewitt by the score of 9-5 which took him to face the winner of the 1st stop in Rimouski and another favorite Francis Crevier from Quebec city. Crevier who had beaten Anas Abrouq and the very fast Luc Salvas to reach the 3rd round. In a very tight match, it’s finally Crevier who came out victorious in the wake of a 9-7 victory. This match sent Crevier in the top 8 on sunday, but Lalande didn’t stop there and beat Carol Audet to ensure his place in the top 8. Jonathan Hebert was going to confront Crevier on the A side.
Hebert who will possibly and shortly be named the 35th professional player in Quebec, was assured that position by defeating the excellent Martin Daigle 9-8 while Alain Martel and Sylvain Grenier who were the two favorites in the bottom of the draw would meet in the other match on the A side for the top 8. On the B side, Yan Lalande fought Dany Nguyen (who had qualified after a victory against Martin Daigle) and Eric Cloutier had the strong task of facing Hewitt who had beaten Alain Parent, Luc Salvas and Eric Hamel to get there.
Resuming the hostilities on Sunday, Yan Lalande passed to the next round with a victory over Nguyen while Hewitt beat Cloutier 9-4 to ensure a position in the top 6. During this time on the A side, Crevier and Martel won their respective matches to reach the Hot Seat Match Up. Lalande was facing Grenier (owner of the “Academie de Billard Sylvain Grenier”) and Hebert was going head to head with Hewitt to determine who would move on. It’s Grenier and Hewitt who came out victorious. Lalande and Hebert had to settle for the 5/6 position.
Hewitt and Grenier who clashed in the finals in Jonquiere, clashed again. It’s still Danny Hewitt who won the match 9-4, which gave the 4th position of the tournament to Grenier, and Hewitt was now in the B side final. Meanwhile, the “Dancing Bear” Alain Martel beat Francis Crevier, which sent Crevier to face Hewitt for the 3rd position. Hewitt who probably remembered his 11-1 defeat to Crevier in the final of the first stop in Rimouski, defeated Crevier in a tight match go ahead and play The Dancing Bear for the title, which seems to have become a place of choice for Hewitt. A classic final would begin.
A final between the legendary Alain Martel and the most dominant player in the Quebec scene now Danny Hewitt, in a match that was watched by very many spectators. It’s finally Hewitt who got the win by a score of 11-7 and to capture his third consecutive title of the Falcon tour.
In the second chance tournament on sunday where only the amateur players can play it was Yanick Houssonloge (local room player at the Abasie) who won the honors, undoing Dany St-Arnaud in the final. Only 5 players were present at the second chance tournament with a 600$ purse money. During the draw the winner of the falcon cue limited edition was Martin Levesque, while David Ladouceur won the Winning Stroke 50$ gift certificate. The team of the Falcon Tour wishes to thank the owners and staff of the Abasie, as well as all the players and spectators who participated in this event. We’ll meet you next weekend directly from the Toxedo in Sept-Iles. For more information, please visit the website
special thanks to Tino Barbieri for the translation
Luc Paquette
Main Event
1st Danny Hewitt $1,000
2nd Alain Martel $725
3rd Francis Crevier $520
4th Sylvain Grenier $360
5-6th Jonathan Hébert $260
Yan Lalande $260
7-8th Eric Cloutier $200
Dany Nguyen $200
2nd chance tournament
1st Yanick Houssonloge $300
2nd Dany St-Arnaud $200
3rd Pierre Jubinville $100

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