Where is my Bonus?

Will it remain Bonus Ball; or will it become Bogus Ball?

With only a couple weeks remaining until the start of the WPBL’s inaugural Bonus Ball season in Las Vegas, speculation over the league’s chances for success have been running rampant in the discussion forums on

Toronto Blue Sharks
Toronto Blue Sharks
Since I last reported on Bonus Ball, the WPBL has taken great strides toward making professional team billiards a reality. The new arena in Vegas is all but ready to receive live audiences for the season kick-off date of Nov. 29. Player contracts have been signed. Teams have been formed. A new website – complete with the full season schedule – has been launched. And multiple plugs can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and AZBilliards, daily.
Seemingly, all should be bliss in Bonus Ball Land. But, is it?
Barry Bremner, the WPBL’s Vice President, has been heavily promoting Bonus Ball on Facebook for several months now; but a few weeks ago he started channeling much of his promotional efforts to the forums on AZBilliards. Not surprisingly, not all members of that annealed group have been adoringly receptive to Bremner’s revelations. That comes as little surprise to anyone who understands the mindset of hard-core fans, such as those found in the forums, because hard-core fans are always reluctant to accept any new concept that dares to tinker with their revered game. Much of that attitude might also be because they are simply reluctant to stray very far from their established comfort zone. Whatever the reason, the resistance Bonus Ball has met in the forums has presented the WPBL with one more new obstacle. Read complete article here

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