Toronto World 8-Ball Championship Canceled

In our desire to be good stewards of the game the organizing committee for the 2016 Toronto World 8-Ball Tournament are announcing the cancellation of that event. After awarding the event to Toronto for 2016 the WPA received an offer from a promoter in China to hold a World 8-Ball Tournament for both men and women with a prize fund for each division of $300,000 per event. While the timing of this offer could be viewed as unfortunate, this new promoter has offered to invest $3,000,000 over the next 5 years and we do not wish to hamper anyone who will make that long-term commitment to Professional Pool. We will move on and soon announce new plans for events in North America as our prize fund is still intact due to the loyalty and understanding of our sponsors.8-Ball
While we had hoped to bring a major World Championship Title to the Western Hemisphere it is unreasonable for us to take a selfish world view. This new development will offer international players a handsome reward, includes both genders, and takes place in a large venue in China. Toronto will still have a major event coming out of The Corner Bank. It has always been our intention to begin a new and exciting tradition with an annual event that will be a cornerstone of every major players’ calendar. We still intend to do just that. We are now making plans for the best avenue of competition available to us and look forward to making an announcement on our developments soon.

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