Top USA Pros & Championship Cloth Join The Johnny Archer Classic !

Marietta, Georgia – Championship Cloth along with support from USA pro stars such as Rodney Morris, Dennis Hatch, Brandon Shuff, and Nick Varner will be joining the Johnny Archer Classic! Dragon Promotions in conjunction with Marietta Billiard Club will be producing the Johnny Archer Classic on October 12th-14th, 2012 in Marietta, Georgia. The event formally known as the Gem City Classic, is continuing on this year and expanding to become a larger professional tournament. This year’s event will have an increased prize fund of $7000 added.
“It’s really good to hear about Johnny’s bigger tournament. Anything he is behind is sure to be a good one. I want the Johnny Archer Classic to be a big success!” said legendary BCA Hall of Famer Nick Varner.
Many of the top USA players and ABP pros are foregoing overseas events in favor of staying on US soil to participate in the popular Johnny Archer event. US Open Champion Rodney Morris, Mosconi Cup MVP Dennis Hatch, and up and comer top USA pro Brandon Shuff are among some of the A list stars. Heavy hitter companies are getting behind the event for the first time as well such as Championship Cloth who will be supplying all the tournament tables Tour Edition 3030 cloth. Billiards Digest and Pool & Billiard Magazine are also sponsoring the event.
“Championship Cloth is very proud to be the cloth chosen for the inaugural Johnny Archer Classic. Johnny has been the most decorated American player in modern times, and having the top American cloth manufacturer behind him and his event is fitting indeed. We wish the Johnny Archer Classic every success this year and future years”, said Fred Cohen, President of Championship Cloth & Brands.
“I played in the World 14.1 Championship and was really impressed with the Tour Edition 3030 cloth. I already knew about its performance, but when I heard about the longevity of the cloth, I knew I wanted it on all my tournament tables at Marietta Billiard Club. I love it that they are an American company that is investing into USA pool. We really need that in America today”, said Johnny Archer, BCA Hall of Famer and 15x Mosconi Cup Team USA member.
The Johnny Archer Classic is a pro 10-Ball tournament open to all amateurs, semi-pros, and professionals. Full info and updates can be found at . Past winners have been Shane Van Boening and Johnny Archer himself. Past participants have been a who’s who in pro pool including Rodney Morris, Corey Deuel, John Schmidt, Charlie Williams, Larry Nevel, Tommy Kennedy, Stevie Moore, Shawn Putnam, Mike Dechaine, Allison Fisher and many more. Most of the pros on tour are expected to attend and support the event.
“Johnny has been the greatest American player since the millenium started, which is as early as my pool career. And I know even well before that. He’s been a player we all look up to. I’m really happy for him and it’s an honor to be playing in it with him”, said Brandon Shuff, one of the USA’s new top young talents.
Championship Cloth is a division of D & R Industries, Inc. which began in 1963 in a small apartment in Chicago, Illinois. Through the years, D & R Industries, Inc. went through many changes and expanded into a variety of recreation-oriented businesses, but really found its niche within the billiard industry. After distributing billiard fabrics for more than 25 years, it was clear to D & R that there was a need for affordable high quality billiard fabrics. Thus, a team consisting of engineers, textile experts and old time billiard people worked together to develop what is now known as the “Championship Line” of billiard fabrics. Championship’s expert team of engineers and experts worked for over five years to develop the finest billiard cushion rubber in the industry. A decade later, Championship’s cushion rubber can already be found on the tables of many of today’s major billiard table manufacturers. More recently Championship acquired major billiard supplier MBS Group, which has substantially expanded Championship further. D & R has now been a proud staple of the billiard industry for almost 50 years providing the finest billiard fabrics, cushion rubber and component parts. Today Championship now sells more billiard fabric than all of its major competitors combined. Please visit

Marietta Billiard Club is a million dollar pool facility and home of champions Johnny Archer, Kim Davenport, & Shawn Putnam

To play in the Johnny Archer Classic entry is $250 and limited to 80 players. Email or call 1-678 324-6693 for info. Host is the Marietta Billiard Club Suite 210 1355 Roswell Road Marietta, GA 30062 .

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Dragon Promotions started in 2001 and is one of the leading producers and pioneers in the sporting side of the billiard industry.

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