Teams Clash at Dominican Republic 10-Ball

Involucrate Billiards Club was the scene Thursday December, 10 showdown between Fernando Paulino and Reyes Gomez VS Ramon Diaz and Wellington Reyez in Dominican Republic.
After 1 hour, the team Fernando Paulino and Reyes Gomez took a strong lead 10-2. Five hours later, Diaz and Reyez took advantage and lead the match 20-19. In the end, it was Fernando Paulino and Reyez Gonez took the last 4 games to win the match.

The standoff included many moments of emotion and drama with a stage full of audience that cheered on their teams.
The confrontation ended 23-20 in favour of Fernando Paulino Gomez Reyez. The event was supported by the Dominican Association of Billiards.

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