Team Sponsorship for NAPA Ontario

Team Sponsorship for NAPA Ontario Teams that Play Out of Petrinas in Ajax for Summer

Petrinas Billiards in Ajax has made it a whole lot better to play in the Ontario Chapter of the North American Poolshooters Association this summer.
Petrinas is offering sponsorship for teams that play at or out of their location.  For every league NAPA Ontario runs, Petrinas will sponsor the first 8 teams that submit rosters to play at or out of Petrinas.

For NAPA Ontario players, teams and leagues, and even those that have not played NAPA yet, this means several things.

For the Thursday Night 8 Ball Skill Limit Travel League in Ajax that is running between the Edge and Petrinas, the first 8 teams to submit rosters to play out of Petrinas will get the sponsorship.  We already have 4 confirmed teams.  For players, many teams need a few players, or we can form new teams.

Because Petrinas has done this, NAPA Ontario will further help out by starting any league in any format on any day at Petrinas.   8 ball… 9 ball… 10 ball… Laggers Choice… Scotch Doubles… skill limit… no skill limit… coaching… non coaching. .. whatever.. as long as there is at least 4 teams of 3 players, we will sanction a league.  So get a group of 12 friends and start a league!

Even if Petrinas has filled the 8 spots, joining the league will be beneficial because at NAPA you play for cash and prizes and the the chance to qualify for the NAPA Nationals where you play for more cash! We have several locations in the Ajax area that could house teams.

Other reasons to play NAPA are: no annual membership fees… paperless mobile scoring… no regionals… no holiday or long weekend play…. real pool rules… just to name a few.

For information on the sponsorship details contact Frank at Petrinas at  905.686.7474 or email him at frank(at)petrinas(dot)com.

To get information on NAPA, to submit a roster, sign up for a team or to get on a list to form a league, contact Rob MacArthur at 905.903.6425 or email him at rob(dot)macarthur(at)napaleagues(dot)com.

Don’t wait to long summer is coming quick and goes fast!

Ontario Chapter of the North American Poolshooters Association

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