OSPN Sponsored Pay The Players Tournament

Last month the OnSitePool Network or (OSPN) did something special.   A challenge match for Adam Smith and Alex Olinger both professional and semiprofessional known players. “I was able to pay each player $75 for their appearance in this game I set up out of the new video subscriber members that came to watch this event” said Mike Warden live stream producer of OSPN. “I want to do something like that every month but up the ante”.
break-shotOSPN will be producing a live stream of a regional monthly pool tournament this weekend October 5 in Ohio at Chuggers Bar & Grille. There will be semi-professional/top amateurs and locals competing in this $500 added tournament.     Sure there will be other tournaments within a few hours and all over the country on this same day. There will even be other live streamed events, perhaps some with established professional players. The difference is that OSPN will be the only one of those live stream events that will be paying the players anything for their contributions of video content.
The time has come to step up to the table and break and run hill/hill for the cash. We are talking about a challenge made to our billiard community, the players and the fans of our sport. Most if not all of the producers creating billiard content this weekend will be satisfied with doing a live broadcast, then just uploading it free online to many popular sites. The problem with this model is there really is no model at all. It’s the sellout of the billiards industry. The content has no value and therefore is rendered worthless.
This topic should be discussed at great length. Hopefully, this challenge will bring about a much needed debate. This is one of the primary reasons the Onsitepoolnetwork (OSPN) was brought into existence.
OSPN proposes that every single person to sign up for the OSPN On Demand Billiards Club this week for a $7.99 a month video subscription membership that money will be put into a pool. OSPN will pay these players outright that play on the “tvmike” table for this tournament or add monies to the prize fund.  As an example, if there are 100 new subscribers then that will bring us about $700 to pay these players minus transaction fees.   A continued video subscription will ensure the growth of the only billiards exclusive private streaming network and protected On Demand video subscription archive.
“I think it’s a great idea said Zach Goldsmith founder of OSPN we might see a future national champion at this tournament and if we can help with simple expenses such as food, gas and tournament entries at least it’s something to give back to the players”
Sign up for the OSPN On Demand Billiards Club at :
Register a user ID then start a Video Subscription.
Tournament details: Chuggers Bar & Grille – 9244 Market Square Drive, Streetsboro OH 44241
$35 Entry
9 Ball Races of 7/5
Winners Break
3 Fouls
Doors at 8 AM
Player Auction at 10
Played on 5 diamond bar tables.
With large turnout this will be a 2 day event. Director – Curt Wanyek     – Watch for FREE live on any device:

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