Inaugural N.A.P.A Canada Cup Challenge

The North American Poolshooters Association (N.A.P.A) held their inaugural Canada Cup Challenge this past Saturday July 26th, at Raxx Billiards Bar &Grill in Kingston, Ontario. This pitted league members from Montreal against rival league members from the Kingston and surrounding area against one another.
The Québec team came with 15 shooters and the Ontario team had 11. This challenge included singles and scotch double events in 8,9 and 10 ball and “laggers choice” in which the winner of the lag picks the game. It was races to 7, with 5 singles matches and 2 scotch doubles matches taking place in all the disciplines.
Montreal features extensive leagues and circuits such as the Québec Federation, where most of these players have honed their skills in. This perhaps gave them the edge they needed as the Québec team went on to win the first ever Canada Cup Challenge convincingly 220-154. Talking with some of the Ontario team members after the event I found out a few of their top shooters were missing on this day.This should add to this rivalry for next year as team Ontario now feel they have something to prove.
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The next Canada Cup Challenge will be held in Montreal at a location to be determined at a later date. It will run a little differently next year as players will have to qualify to be a member of either team. N.A.P.A is a fairly new organization to the pool league scene. They run in a similar manner to the T.A.P leagues and the C.P.A. They boast an extensive “sandbagger” free handicapped system that has a place for all players amateur to world class.
A big thank you goes out to the host at Raxx Billiards Bar & Grill. As well as Rob MacArthur (Ont) and Eric Rousseau(QC) who organized this fun and flawless event. If you are interested in joining the N.A.P.A leagues or directing one yourself talk to either MacArthur or Rousseau (depending where you reside) and they will set you up with everything you need.
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