Ga Young Kim to Captain Team Asia in Queens Cup!

Ga Young Kim
Ga Young Kim

Chicago, Illinois – South Korea’s Ga Young Kim has been selected as the Captain of Team Asia at the inaugural Queens Cup. The East vs West team showdown between the world’s greatest lady professional billiards players will take place November 5th-7th,2013. The event is produced by Dragon Promotions which has signed on OB Cues as the Official Cue of the Queens Cup.

“I really envied the guys because they have their own yearly team event, so I was really happy to hear about the Queens Cup.  I’m very excited for all the women because we have our own annual rivalry now. I think this a really important event for women’s billiards to help encourage more players and grow pool further”, said Ga Young Kim, the current reigning Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Champion. She adds, “Now we have alot of young people in Asia that are coming out now to play. There’s more skill in the game, and that’s why I’m happy we are playing 10-Ball in Queens Cup. There is less luck especially on the break, so everyone will have to play good to win. This will help determine who’s better in the East or West.”

The Queens Cup creator and producer Charlie Williams of Dragon Promotions explains the captain selection. “When it came to select the Captain of Team Asia, there really wasn’t much question on who the pick would be. Ga Young Kim is the most decorated Asian women’s player in history. She is one of the very few Asian women who has won major championships on both sides of the pond. A 2x US Open champion and 3x World Champion with being the only Asian woman to hold the World Championship in both 9-Ball and 10-Ball. So it’s a statistical fact she is the absolute best Asian women’s player by far in the history of pool. And she’s only 30!”

The Queens Cup will showcase the rivalry between the Asians and their western counterparts in Europe and USA, much similar to the Ryder Cup in golf or Davis Cup in tennis. The absolute best ladies from their respective countries and continents will be selected for the teams. The event will last 3 days in a 10-Ball format that will race to the first team reaching 10 matches for the win. Style of play will include singles, doubles, triples, and 4-on-4. Captains will be put to the test to best strategize partnerships and chemistry of match-ups.

The #1 Technology Cue Made in the USA

“It was only a matter of time that an internationally televised women’s team event would happen and Dragon Promotions are finally making this a reality. With OB Cues as the official cues of the Queens Cup, we are proud to be involved with what will surely become as popular as the Mosconi Cup and watched by millions of pool fans around the world. The idea of East versus West insures that the players competing will be the very best in the world and is sure to bring excitement and drama as the rivalry officially begins!”, says Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales & Marketing for OB.   Based in Plano, Texas, OB has been supporting pool on many levels since the inception of the company in 2005, from smaller local events to internationally televised events like the Women’s World 10 Ball Championships. Shane adds, “We will continue to support the game in every way that we can. We take pride in manufacturing high performance pool cues and pool cue shafts in the USA and we look forward to being a part of the Queens Cup’s high performance drama for many years to come.”

“We are happy to have OB Cues continue their great relationship with us as the #1 Made in the USA technology cue”, says Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.

Location of the Queens Cup will be announced shortly.

Sponsors may now contact Dragon Promotions at or 1-407-782-4978 . More official equipment sponsors will be announced shortly.
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Dragon Promotions

Dragon Promotions started in 2001 and is one of the leading producers and pioneers in the sporting side of the billiard industry.

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