First Ever NAPA Canada Cup Challenge This Saturday

On Saturday, July 26, 2014 starting at 12 noon in Kingston, Ontario, the Ontario and Quebec chapters of the North American Poolshooters Association(NAPA) will be having their first ever challenge for the NAPA Canada Cup Challenge. The challenge will consist of players from both leagues playing against each other. The challenge has been started by the league operators of both the Ontario and Quebec NAPA Leagues to promote goodwill, billiards, and fun…okay… and maybe some bragging rights.NAPA Pool League
NAPA Ontario owner Rob MacArthur chose Kingston for two reasons. Firstly, it is basically halfway between the Toronto area and Quebec, and second, MacArthur is a born and raised Kingston resident.
The challenge is being held at Raxx Billiards in Kingston, Ontario. The challenge is open to any NAPA Ontario and Quebec player that has played at least 5 matches in NAPA.
NAPA Races, Rules and Scoring will be used. The team ending up with the most points will be the winner.
For more information on the challenge or NAPA Ontario contact Rob MacArthur at 905.903.6425. For NAPA Quebec information contact Eric Rousseau at 514.924.1135.
The North American Poolshooters Association runs 8, 9 and 10 Ball Leagues across North American and currently has about 30,000 players.

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