Durham Region Charity Pool Tournaments Being Planned

9-Ball BreakDurham Region, Ontario – A series of pool tournaments that has teams play to win money for their favourite charity will be starting in the Durham Region. 100% of all entry fees and sponsorship donations will go towards the prize money.
The Durham Region Charity Pool Tournament Series is a project of the North American Poolshooters Association – Ontario, Canada (NAPA Ontario), and RobMac Media. The founding sponsor for the series is Petrina’s Billiards in Ajax, Ontario.
The tournament series will be held several times throughout the year with different series participant types. The tournaments will be held over one weekend. There will be a maximum of 16 teams per tournament. Each team will consist of 5 players. The tournament will be a non-handicapped tournament with rules being based on NAPA Ontario’s Lagger League, 8 ball, 9 ball and 10 ball rules. The tournament will be run in the Toledo style format.
The various series’s are:
Open Series – Any team based on the series’s below.
Charitable Organization Series – Charitable Organizations can form teams to play for their charity against other charities. All team players must be a member or employee or volunteer for the charity they are playing for.
Service Club Series – Service Clubs can form teams to play against other service clubs for their club or the charity of their choice. All team members must be a member of the service club they are playing for.
Municipal Series – Municipalities and their departments can form teams to play against other departments and municipalities for the charity of their choice. All team members must work for the Municipality they are playing for.
Emergency Services Series – Emergency Service Employees can form teams to play other Emergency Services Employees for the charity of their choice. All team members must work for Emergency Services.
Political Party Series – Political Parties can form teams to play for their political party against other party members or other political parties for the charity of their choice. All team members must be a member of the political party they are playing for.
Business Series – Businesses can form teams to play other businesses. All team members must be an employee of that business.
Teams are invited to contact organizers to let them know they are interested in participating. When enough teams express interest of a particular series type, a tournament for that series will organized. Suggestions and ideas for other series types are welcome. The first tournament, an Open Series, is being planned for the Fall of 2013.
There will be a registration fee for each team. 100% of the registration fee will go towards the winning teams. The charities that are being played for must be able to provide taxable receipts for all players playing in the tournament if they are the winning charity. The winning team’s charity will get 70% of the funds raised. The second place team’s charity will receive 30% of the funds raised.
Corporate sponsors are welcome for each tournament.
Any venue with at least 4 pool tables will be considered to host the tournament series.
As NAPA Ontario expands into other regions of Ontario, the will endeavour to start this charity fundraiser in those regions.
For media enquiries or more information on the tournament series contact Rob MacArthur at 905.903.6425 or by email at info(at)robmac(dot)org, or visit or for contact information.

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