The Corner Bank – A Pool Hall it Ain’t!

WelcomeCornerBankThere is no preparing you for your first steps into the The Corner Bank. What you see will simply surprise you. But fear not; it’s a pleasant surprise. There are no fancy words to describe it and it’s only fair to use a word that all will understand – the place is HUGE! So much so that you want to step out and step back in again just to make sure you’re in the right place.
After you get over the initial shock, you turn to your left and realize that “wait, there’s more!” This place just doesn’t end. It’s name, The Corner Bank, really does throw one off, but again, that is part of what makes it exceptional. Pictures don’t do it justice – you need to step in it, to believe it.CornerBank2
Located at Warden and Eglinton – only 12 minutes from Toronto’s downtown core, this “not a pool bar” brings about a much needed zing to the “super store zone” – particularly now that Centennial College – Ashtonbee Campus lies conveniently across the street. Yes, the stars did align.
What owners Jim, John and Duncan have created, is a “haven” of sorts; one that does not discriminate. With a maximum capacity of 500, nobody can be left out!
What we love most about this place is exactly what can be done with the space. Its enormity allows for multiple events to be happening concurrently.
Need to grab lunch with your wife or friend? No problem, someone will lead you to an intimate table for two. Need to host a lunch that’s not necessarily cosy? You’re square with portable 12×12 foot butcher-block dining tables that can comfortably seat 14 people. Need to hold a corporate event? They have you covered with a corner that can be cordoned off to accommodate your party – no matter its size. Plus, there are enough washroom facilities that your private party doesn’t have to share with the rest of the public. It’s spot on! Pun intended.
Meanwhile John can enjoy the game and a beer at the 55 foot long bar while Duncan enjoys a scrumptious meal from the talented Chef Mark’s “one-of-a-kind” menu (we’ll get back to this). But don’t forget about Jim and his buds – they can take advantage of some top-of-the-line equipment – we’re talking 26 Diamond Pool tables and 8 Shender Snooker tables. Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a beginner pool player, a medium billiards trouper or a snooker champ – like Jim and might we add Alan Whitfield (2014 Canadian Snooker Champion) who is a regular at The Corner Bar.2014-CBSA-Snooker-Championships-041-Alan-Whitfield
You don’t need to worry about cross-interference of sound because their audio-visual system is specific to six quadrants of the venue. This allows you to play the music you want at the level you’d like to hear it.
As far as further entertainment goes, the talented people at The Corner Bank are always ready to keep you amused. From “trick shots” performed on the pool tables to structured wine tasting and tarot card readings. Whatever your fancy, they will tickle it.steak
For that appetite you will definitely build up, what can we say except do not expect your standard sports bar menu. The classic favourites are there, but what the chef creates is so versatile; it will give other restaurants a run for their money.
The Corner Bank takes pride in supporting local artists like Sarah Terrill. This works well for their BIG feature walls that run across the 14,000 square foot space – yes, we just wanted to remind you of how big it is.

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