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Chinese 8-Ball Masters is stepping into professional “on-governmental Events” and its success can be available for reference

“New Power·Joy Cup” 2015 Chinese 8 Ball International Masters-Harbin Station was closed. After 10 days fierce competition, Yang Fan stand out from 314 players and beat Wu Zhenyu with 18:17 in the Finals, win 100,000 RMB prize and the champion cup. Wu Zhenyu win the second place with 50000 RMB.

2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 - Winner Yang Fan
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 – Winner Yang Fan

Xie zhaohui and Wu Hao tied for the third place with 20000 RMB prize. There are 4 stations, 1 qualifying and 1 Final in 2015 Chinese 8 Ball International Masters and Harbin is the second station. As the same time to keep developing the depth of “Everyone is the Master” and to advocate the national fitness, Harbin Station have acquired a certain effect on the key node of the development of professional sports such like the venue construction, players team, and tournament operation. It made a breakthrough on the way of Chinese 8 Ball sports professionalism and it can be used for reference at present of rapid development of China’s sports.
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 - Liu Chuang
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 – Liu Chuang

Large venues provided for Masters qualifying
After the first station, the second station-Harbin station was held successully in a large venue, Hongbo Square with 800 ㎡ has been modified to the standard pool competition venue. The constant temperature in the venue provid the best game environment for players, the auditorium around 2 TV tables can accommodate 200 audience and 14 billiards tables are outside to ensure 552 matches finished successfully in 10 days. Broadcast, media studio, media working area and souvenir selling area were set in the venue, all varieties of function settings of large-scale tournament perfectly play the function of the carrier of the masters.
The Masters competition was not held in the professional sports venues, according to local conditions, it combined with local characteristics to cleverly solve the venue problem of sports industrial development. The first station-Langfang station in 2015, which was held in “First City”. The third station- Fuqing station was decided to hold in Wanda square.
The players team recombines with professional snooker players
Regarding the Masters-Langfang station was held in May, the viewpoint from BBC says that the rise of Chinese 8 Ball will become the biggest challenge for Snooker in China. Harbin station held in July was confirmed by the players. Under the condition of all Chinese 8 Ball top players attending this tournament, following the quarter final winner of 2009 Asia championship, the third place winner Shi hanqing of 2007 China youth snooker championship and the youngest Chinese player Liu chuang who entered into the World Championship, and now more and more snooker players join Chiniese 8 Ball sports. In Harbin station, besides the above two professional snooker players, Li yuan who is the third place winner of 2006 Asia Snooker Championship, Li yan who is the member of team Championship of Asia 6 Red ball tournament and Zhou jun who is the former snooker National Championship, all of them come from various regions to join this Chinese 8 Ball tournament.
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 - Sponsors
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 – Sponsors

Ding junhui’s celebrity effect makes snooker famous in China, but the national condition is that there are only a few real snooker players among 60 millions billiards players play snooker in China. Only Chinese 8 Ball is the highest popularity billiards sport in China. A huge cost of playing snooker also exists in China. Playing Chinese 8 Ball is more safety livehood choice than playing snooker, so following Chinese 8 Ball professional environment becoming better and better, more snooker players will join Chinese 8 Ball field.
Non-governmental Events” have had many sponsorships from sports marketing
In 2014, “Joy Cup” tournament as a case which was used as a discussion to Cancel the tournament approval process and it was repeatedly mentioned in Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference by the committee member Yaoming. As the representative of “Non-governmental Events”, “Joy cup” tournaments have found its own way during 10 years developing. After the approval process of commercial and groupment events have been canceled, “Joy Cup” tournaments will have a bright future.
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 - venue 005
2015 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters Stop 2 – venue 005

One of the features of Chinese 8 Ball International Masters qualifying is organized by Qinhuangdao Joy Billiards Promotion Co.,Ltd and co-organized by Chinese 8 Ball clubs. The features and advantages of this mode are high quality sports resources created by professional teams, it matches with the sporadic Non-governmental capital of sports industry to ensure the sports events held successfully and also completed sports marketing of the Non-governmental capital. Clubs as the co-organizer will get respectable payback from brand promotion and economic benefit. As an example of Harbin qualifying station, the co-organizer Harbin Donghang billiards club has achieved profitability, the main expenses are only the co-organizing cost but the incomes are from event sponsors, clubs earning and drinks etc. Harbin Hongbo not only provide venue to Donghang club for free, but also provide free water, electricity power and manpower, in the point of view from both sides, it’s cost-effective for both of them.
The quota limits of qualifying station for 2015 Chinese 8 Ball International Masters has fully reserved in 2014. The co-organizing in 2016 has been started, 3 of 4 qualifying stations have been already co-organized by 3 clubs. As the bellwether of Non-governmental events, the future development of Chinese 8 Ball International Masters are worth looking forward to.
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