Canada well represented at WPA World 10-Ball

The following Canadian players have been invited to compete in the World 10-Ball Championships:
1. Jason Klatt – WPA Rankings
2. Erik Hjorleifson
3. John Morra
4. Alex Pagulayan
5. Pahdahsung Shognosh
6. Stephan Doiron
7. Martin Daigle – BCA invite
world 10-BAll
We wish them all the best as they represent Canada in the Philippines next month.
The event details are as follows:
 2015 10-Ball World Championship
Format: 10-Ball WPA World Standardized Rules
Stage 1 (qualifiers)

  • Single elimination
  • Race to 7
  • Alternate break
  • 8 players qualify per day
  • Entry Dates

Stage 1 limited to 128 players per day. First come first served
email names to
Entry fees to be paid on Feb 14, 2015
Venue: Family Country Hotel Convention Center
Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
Players who qualify no longer need to pay $200 for stage 2. The entry fees paid for the qualifiers will be paid to WPA.
If the player qualifies on day 1 and has not paid for day 2, he will have to pay an additional $100.
Stage 2

  • 128 chart
  • Double elimination
  • Race to 9
  • Single elimination from last 64
  • Race to 11
  • Alternate break

Tournament Dates
Stage 1
February 15-16, 2015
Start time: 10:00 am
Stage 2
February 17-21, 2015
Location: General Santos, Philippines
Venue: Activity Center, SM City General Santos City
Hotel: TBA
Entry Fees
Stage 1 – $100
Stage 2 – $200
All entry fees are payable in US dollars and must be paid no later than the Player’s Meeting. Players who have not paid prior to their match commencing will be denied participation.
Prize Fund: 

Champion 1 40,000$ 40,000$
runner-up 1 20,000$ 20,000$
3rd-4th 2 10,000$ 20,000$
5th-8th 4 7,000$ 28,000$
9th-16th 8 5,000$ 40,000$
17th-32nd 16 1,250$ 20,000$
33rd-64th 32 700$ 22,400$
65th-96th 32 300$ 9,600$

Player’s Meeting
To be held at SM City Activity Center on Feb. 16 at 7:00 pm. This meeting is mandatory for ALL Stage 2 players.
All Stage 2 players must be accredited by registering at the (venue) prior to the Player’s Meeting.
Travel & Accommodation
All players are responsible for their own travel and accommodation requirements and living expenses.
The organiser is not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur. Players are reminded to carry their own personal insurance.
Dress Code
Players must be neatly attired at all times.
For matches, WPA dress code; players must wear dark trousers, long or short sleeve buttoned-up shirts with collar. All shirts must be tucked in.
Not permitted: T-shirts, Jeans (or any denim), Sneakers or Sandals, Sporting Shoes, Hats or Caps, Chewing Gum, Earphones or Mobile Phones.
Contact Details
Ish Caparras
Oliver Pauya

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