Benefits for Players in Upcoming ABP Pro Events

Chicago, Illinois- The Association of Billiard Professionals will be working on providing its membership more benefits. Each day the ABP is working on bettering the conditions of being a professional player. The ABP is made up of only professional players, so who better to understand the environment at tournaments.
To start, the ABP would like to inform pro players that the the 10 ABP International ranked players will be given a 50% discount off all food and beverages during the Scorpion Cues Johnny Archer Classic in Georgia and the Championship Cloth Pro Classic in Louisiana. The ABP top 16 will also be seeded in each of the events.
“It’s a great idea to give pro players as much benefit and value as possible. These guys earn their positions in professional pool. We all know it’s a grind and every little bit helps”, said Charlie Williams, ABP Board Member. “But we really need to thank the hosts who are being extremely generous to the ABP’s requests. A big thank you to Keith Hulin of Emerald Billiards and Johnny Archer of Marietta Billiard Club, who is leading by example.”
“Giving discounts to our player membership and seeding is just the tip of the iceberg. We plan on doing alot more to help the players. We have to keep our boys out there playing and inspiring future players”, said Johnny Archer, President of the ABP, Hall of Famer, and multi-World Champion.
The current top 16 ABP Pros are:
Mike Dechaine USA
Shane Van Boening USA
Raj Hundal IND
Stevie Moore USA
Dennis Hatch USA
Brandon Shuff USA
Shawn Putnam USA
Corey Deuel USA
Darren Appleton ENG
Mike Davis USA
Dennis Orcollo PHL
Oscar Dominguez USA
Mika Immonen FIN
Jeremy Sossei USA
Rodney Morris USA
Johnny Archer USA
ABP International Pro Rankings will be updated on October 15th after the Scorpion Cues Johnny Archer Classic and on October 22nd after the conclusion of the Championship Cloth Pro Classic.
The ABP is an united assembly of international professional billiard players. The ABP was formed to be the voice of players worldwide in order to assist in tournament and industry challenges. ABP directives include standardizing equipment, rules, ensuring the timely payment of prize money, assisting promoters and sponsors, and the overall protection and security of professional players. The ABP works to improve the sport of billiards and jointly works with associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike in the joint goal of growing the sport and providing security to all involved. Membership of the ABP includes players from Europe, Asia, and the United States. To join and support the ABP, e-mail Follow and support ABP at
Rodney Morris, Vice-President of the ABP

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