ABP Presents Dennis Walsh the ABP President's Award

Chicago, Illinois- The Association of Billiard Professionals is pleased to announce ABP’s General Counsel Dennis Walsh as this year’s recipient of the ABP President’s Award. The ABP President’s Award goes to the individual who has helped the sport and its professional players during the year. It was presented to Mr.Walsh during the ABP Banquet held at Marietta Billiard Club in Georgia during the Johnny Archer Classic.
“Without Dennis, we sure wouldn’t be as far along as we are now as a group. He has spent countless hours helping the players and we are so fortunate to have him on our side. He has been the ABP’s attorney and advisor, and there would be no way we could financially pay him back for what he has done for us all”, said Johnny Archer during the ABP Banquet presentation.
Walsh graduated from Rockford College and later Loyola Chicago School of Law. Walsh is a partner in his own firm of Guest, Walsh, & Townsend, Ltd. since 1985 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Walsh is an avid straight pool player and frequents popular poolroom Red Shoe Billiards in the Chicago area where he plays and also runs local tournaments. Walsh has also been a dedicated volunteer worker during straight pool tournaments as well as a sponsor.

ABP Banquet night featuring the many faces of ABP fans and pros such as Corey Deuel, Stephanie Goens, Tommy Najar, and Wang Can
For the ABP, Walsh has been instrumental in negotiations with the coordination of the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) and US Open 9-Ball promoter Barry Behrman in the escrow of funds to help secure the players prize money in 2011. Walsh also helped legitimize the ABP with handling the legal logistics of the incorporation of the association. He also assists in board meetings, correspondences, and press news from the ABP.
“It is an invaluable asset to have an experienced attorney helping you every step of the way. And a strong ally to have in meetings. He protects us and the players from others and sometimes even ourselves”, says Charlie Williams, ABP Board of Directors member. It came to no surprise to anyone in the ABP that Dennis Walsh should receive this award except perhaps Walsh himself.
The banquet was sponsored by Johnny Archer and his family and attended by the pros and guests such as Shannon Daulton & Marge Cooper
Walsh was surprised and had no idea of the award. He said during his acceptance speech, “When I first got involved in professional pool, I was just a fan. I didn’t realize professional players had so many hardships and financial issues such as not getting paid at events. I’m not an outspoken person, but I’ve just tried to do what I can to help the players in the ABP.”
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The ABP is a united assembly of international professional billiard players. The ABP was formed to be the voice of players worldwide in order to assist in tournament and industry challenges. ABP directives include standardizing equipment, rules, ensuring the timely payment of prize money, assisting promoters and sponsors, and the overall protection and security of professional players. The ABP works to improve the sport of billiards and jointly works with associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike in the joint goal of growing the sport and providing security to all involved. Membership of the ABP includes players from Europe, Asia, and the United States. To join and support the ABP, e-mail . Follow and support ABP at

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