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13ballSaratoga, Wyoming- March 29th on the eve of the Wyoming Open, all players will get a chance to play “Saratoga”. This game was designed and developed by Wyoming Open founder E.J. Glode. How is this game different? Well, for starters they play with a black 13-Ball! The Saratoga Tournament will be a $500 added event limited to 32 players with an affordable $50 entry fee, preceding the $25,000 purse events the following day. Past champions of the Saratoga Tournament include Rodney Morris, Charlie Williams, Raj Hundal, and Amar Kang.
“I was playing pool with my dear friend Susan one night. We discovered that we played at different speeds, I was a little better than she was. She told me that I had to run my balls in order. This leveled the playing field significantly. A few months later, I started playing rotation 13-ball. This is a challenging game, but my favorite thing about it was how the rack popped and spread out. I started combining the two ideas, and came up with “Saratoga” ” , explained game inventor and promoter E.J. Glode.
The rules are fairly simple: It is a mixture of 8-Ball and 9-Ball. 13 balls are used, which include unique color schemes such as a green 1-Ball and yellow 3-Ball. But there are stripes and solids. The table is always open after the break. One of each equals a choice. Then you must shoot your colors in rotation, and then finale with the black 13-Ball for the win.
“The rules are simple but it’s very interesting because games can become very defensive or very offensive depending on the players style. And players with great banking and kicking skills have a bigger advantage”, observed Charlie Williams, promoter, player and one of the world’s top pool coaches.
The Saratoga Tournament will finish in the same night it starts. The following day the 6th Annual Wyoming Open starts. The $25,000 purse event is co-promoted by Dragon Promotions and is renown to be the biggest and best pool event in the state drawing over 150 players in different divisions. The event is sponsored by Asia’s #1 pro cloth Andy Cloth and Master Chalk. Local partners are Duke’s Bar & Grill and Riviera Lodge and all events coordinated by Shively Hardware.

The Saratoga Tournament & The Wyoming Open is organized and promoted by Shively Hardware & Dragon Promotions

The Wyoming Open this year is drawing the best field ever in the Masters Division with USA #1 “South Dakota Kid” Shane Van Boening returning as well as Defending Champion Rodney “Rocket” Morris and former champion “Korean Dragon” Charlie Williams. India’s Raj “Hit Man” Hundal will be back along with top South Carolina pro Stevie “The Blade” Moore. Local Colorado sharp shooter Marc “Spain”  Vidal will be returning with his straight shooting wife Samm Vidal and last . Many more players from Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and all over Wyoming will be attending in the most fun event of the year in the Rocky Mountains.


Official Products used during the Wyoming Open

The Saratoga Tournament & The Wyoming Open is the only event in the Rocky Mountains where fans and players in the region can rub shoulders with the world’s best
The Saratoga Tournament is majorly supported by the town’s own businesses which include : 
Carbon County Visitors Council, Pick Ranch, 1311 Koobey, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Riviera Lodge, Hotel Wolf, Saratoga Lions Club & Shively Hardware.
To purchase a set of Saratoga Balls and rule book, or 
For more info or to play in the Wyoming Open contact or call 307-329-8924
For more info and to follow the WY Open goto
Since 2008, the Wyoming Open has been the biggest tournament in the Rocky Mountain region. Hosted each year by the town of Saratoga, it remains the only event in the state to draw an international field of super star pro players. Drawing over 150 players each year, the event is supported by local businesses and the town government. From national champions to world champion and the local amateur players, the Wyoming Open caters to a variety of guests for a 3 day weekend full of fun and has become famous for Wyoming hospitality.

Dragon Promotions

Dragon Promotions started in 2001 and is one of the leading producers and pioneers in the sporting side of the billiard industry.

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