2015 World Chinese Eight Ball Masters

On April 30th, known as the world’s largest Professional Chinese Eight Ball Tournament, the “CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City·JOY Cup” 2015 World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, First staion(in Langfang) will be held in the CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City in the Xianghe Economic and Technology Development Zone, Hebei Province, where it locates near Beijing. As far as it is known, near 400 players has registered for the tournament, which is a new record for numbers of players participating the Chinese Eight Ball Masters.

Rules for the Chinese Eight Ball and that for the American Pool Eight Ball are similar, while the table of the Chinese Eight Ball introduces both the advantages of snooker tables and the American Nine Ball tables. At present, among the 80 million billiards fans, 80% to 90% of which play the Chinese Eight Ball. The World-known Ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting both stepped into their professional billiards career from practicing the Chinese Eight Ball, which shows the powerful influence of the Chinese Eight Ball in China.
As the leader of the Chinese Eight Ball, JOY Billiards has held the Chinese Eight Ball tournament with great influence all over the country since 2006. The tournament has updated to the World Chinese Eight Ball Masters three years ago. With famous world-level billiards players like Stephen Hendry and Gareth Potts devoted into the promotion of this sport, we are proudly to say that the Chinese Eight Ball is not only a Chinese-alone sport, but an international sport.
The “CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City·JOY Cup” 2015 World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, First station(in Langfang) will be held from April 30th to May 11th. Lang fang, located between the Capital City Beijing and the municipality Tianjin, is known as the “Bright Pearl in the corridor between Beijing and Tianjin”. Langfang, is a city with great atmosphere of Chinese Eight Ball, and this time is the third time for Langfang to hold the Masters. On May of 2014, as the first station of the World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, players to register for the Masters broke a record of 360 players for the station tournament. And for now, since that the influence of the Masters is growing rapidly, the Nation-level Tourist Area “CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City” has the exclusive titled sponsorship and sponsors the Masters with all strength.
The tournament standards is set based on the highest level of the international billiards tournament, which includes excellent car-picking service, accommodation service and tournament environment. It is no exaggeration to say that some aspects of the Masters is higher than a international one, which is the effort we put to ensure a successfully holding tournament.
According to the latest news, near 400 players will participate into the first station of the Masters, among which almost all elite Chinese Eight Ball players cannot wait to participate the Masters.
As to the award bonus, since the Langfang Station is the first station of the 2015 Masters, the winner’s award bonus will be much higher than before, which has been increased to RMB 100,000 from last season’s RMB 50,000. The increasing award bonus year by year has now become a very large attraction to players from all over the world.
Worth to mention that, on May 9th during the first station of the Masters, the “King of Snooker” Stephen Hendry and the “Golden Boy” Gareth Potts will arrive for interaction with fans from all over the world.

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