The 2015 Chinese "We Masters" Livestream Schedule

2015 World Chinese 8-Ball Masters

Livestream  Schedule
Date Time
January 5 9:40 Source 1 – Source 4 Earl Strickland  vs  Shi Hanqing 石漢青
14:30 Source 1 – Source 4 Gareth Potts  vs  Wang Yun 王云
16:00 CCTV5 Stephen Hendry  vs  Li Hui 李輝
19:30 Source 1 – Source 4 Chris Melling  vs  Yu Longhai 禹龍海
January 6 10:30 Source 1 – Source 4 Dennis Orcollo  vs  Wang Peng 王鵬
15:00 Source 1 – Source 4 Earl Strickland  vs Stephen Hendry
16:00 CCTV5 Alex Pagulayan  vs  Chris Melling
19:30 Source 1 – Source 4 Karl Boyes  vs  Shi Hanqing 石漢青
January 7 10:30 Source 1 – Source 4 Wang Yun 王云  vs  Anna Mazhirina
15:00 Source 1 – Source 4 Chris Melling  vs  Yang Fan 楊帆
16:00 CCTV5 Gareth Potts  vs  Zheng Yubo 鄭宇伯

It is the tenth year since the renaissance of Chinese eight ball game.
The horn of Masters has been winding, leaving no time for us to celebrate.
The whole world is focusing on the 24 masters. They are ready for their battles.
Just fight! You will see who is getting the blade.
So it is oft times in life
Ten years is enough for us to recognize the real master and define the real hero.
In retrospect, ten years ago, he, the father, was all alone in lighting the day of Chinese eight ball. I can still hear the howls of disbelief from those days.
Now we see prosperity everywhere.
In retrospect, in the past ten years, we, the new blood for this event, were persisting our dream under the toughest condition as well as the screaming: don’t be silly! Snooker and nine ball will dominate the industry.
Now, we are the mainstay of this national pool game.
In retrospect, we Joyers will never forget the single shadow wavering outside the CCTV building that winter; we will never forget the tears for the successful closure of the first Masters; we will never forget the long and arduous journey days we spend on Chinese eight ball career; we will never forget that we have stuck together with the 16 balls in life and death
For the past ten years, we have created our own national pool history.
In retrospect, we still remember how excited we were when the first JOY Cup Event started; we still remember the moment when the high definition video came out; we still remember the cheering ovation for the image ambassador Stephen Hendry. All the more, we are so proud of the prevalence of Chinese eight ball game.
It is the innumerable dribs and drabs that have lighten up our ten year ordinary youths.
Life is the arena. We have come and fought; we laughed because life should be sound and delightful; we cried however we should dry our tears; we have grown up through the pain of unceasingly outstrip ourselves; we are ordinary people but we have to make the perfect shot for ourselves as well as our families.
We see the road ahead and march forward courageously; we review the history and enjoy the glorious time.
We thereupon know what is the master. It is far from the 24 players.
Going beyond ourselves, insisting on our dreams, getting someone and a career to grow old together, we are the real masters of our lives.
The World Chinese Eight Ball Masters,
The arena for 60 million fans;
The World Chinese Eight Ball Masters,
We go beyond ourselves
We masters.

Alison Chang

Alison has had a passion for the game since she was only 9 years old. She is the photographer and owner of the website

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