Williams Crowned Tiger Tour Champion

Nov 15, 2010

On November 13th – 14th, 2010, the Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour kicked off with the Tour Championships at Shooters Snooker & Sports Bar in North York, Ontario, Canada. Owner John White and John & Kelly Croft of CPA Southern Ontario Pool Leagues sponsored this annual event to support the ladies in their quest of being crowned the 2010 Tiger Products CWPT Champion of Champions.

Without the support of sponsors an event such as this would not be possible for any lady to be able to improve in the sport of billiards. The tour held 7 stops this past year where a point system was kept to track the overall progress of how one finishes from each event and with that, the end of season awards were beautifully placed for all to see. A product table was also on hand to showcase our sponsor products they so willfully donate to help assist the tour in raising funds for marketing purposes.
The end of the season brought forth a new 2010 Regional Player of the Year and her name is Krista Walsh of Toronto, Ontario, formerly of St John's, Newfoundland. Not only did Krista win this prestigious award, she also took home a cash prize and a personalized CWPT pen and carrying box, as well as the Most Improved Player of the year award.
Second place in the point standings went to Denise Belanger who received a cash prize and a personalized wooden engraved pen and box, Brittany Bryant also received a cash prize plus a personalized pen and box. Congratulations to all.

Tom Cacic our tournament director awarded Nathalie Chabot of Sherbrooke, Quebec with the tournament director’s award for the most sportsmanlike individual.

With the awards presented and the live streaming table set up with our new delta 13 rack the official and only true triangle out there, the ladies were ready for action.
The play began with some strong contingency. Two Canadian amateur champions Hanna Kwon and Krista Walsh were squared off right off the hop and this time Hanna would come out on top forcing Walsh to the B-side. These two I believe will be the next rivals to watch. Kwon would then lose to Denise Belanger placing 5th-6th and earning $50 for being the furthest amateur in the event alongside Danidee Nailat who also earned $50 as they both agreed for the split.
While waiting for the outcome of the Williams/Bryant match on the A-Side final, Sharlene Watkinson who came out of a mini retirement not by choice sat closely watching both ladies on the live stream. I asked Sharlene which player she would rather play, she stated, “Brittany”. I stated, well, ask and you shall receive. Miss Watkinson went on to place 3rd and took home a beautiful 3rd place trophy and cash prize. Congratulations Sharlene a well deserved placement in the tournament.
The final was set and both champions were equally ready. Let me tell you this was no easy cake walk as both Williams and Bryant have been rivals on the green and both are very aware of how each other plays. With a true double elimination at hand Miss Bryant had to beat Williams twice. In the first set Williams was ahead by 3 games but not before Bryant inched her way back and took the 1st set 8-6. In the second set the score was notched at 4 a piece when Williams pulled ahead 6-4. Williams breaks pockets 4 balls off the break with an easy 2 in the corner then pots the 3 leaving her a back cut on the 6 and ending up with a long draw shot on the 7 ball. Williams nails the shot and draws it off the rail for the easy 9 in the corner and taking a commanding lead at 7-4. Bryant breaks makes the 1 in the side and an easy shot on the 2 ball but comes up short on making it in the corner. Clearly not the Brittany we all know, however the game played out in a see saw battle on the 2 but not before Williams pots it in the corner and missing on the 3. Bryant runs all the way to the 8 and goes for the back cut but ends up missing on the 8 and leaving Williams the cue ball in the middle of the table and the 9 ball about 2 inches between the 2nd and 3rd diamond. Williams hesitates and goes for the bank corner brilliantly making it. Miss Williams is crowned your 2010 Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour Champion of Champions. Congratulations!

1st $610 - Naomi Williams
2nd $460 - Brittany Bryant
3rd $305 - Sharlene Watkinson
4th $150 - Denise Belanger
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