What Sneakers Are Ideal for Pool Players?

Nov 12, 2021

The notion that pool is played in smoky back rooms no longer exists. Frank Kakouros from the Canadian Billiards and Snooker Association notes that there are now a lot of opportunities to play pool in bars, pool rooms, and home recreation rooms across the country. Pool is a very casual sport, as players don’t need to wear performance attire in order to play the game. That said, there are a few sartorial choices that you should make if you want to have a comfortable and fun playing experience. In this article we will focus on footwear, and we have listed down some of the best sneakers for pool players.Converse Chuck TaylorThe Converse Chuck Taylors have long been a wardrobe staple ⁠for a lot of people — from professional basketball players to rebellious teens. These shoes are great for pool since they have a sturdy toe cover, are slip-resistant, and have flat soles. The slip-resistant soles allow players to play without worrying about accidentally sliding and losing their footing. Chuck Taylors also come in a ton of colorways and designs ⁠— so you will surely find one that best fits your personality and style. If you have a funky sense of style, be sure to check the Chuck Taylors from Converse’s design collaboration with Missoni, Andy Warhol, and Margiela.Adidas Ultra BoostThese sneakers are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that you can wear. While these shoes are meant for running or training on tracks, the Ultra Boosts are also great for casual walks or other sports. Thanks to the sneaker’s responsive midsole cushioning and a lightweight upper sole, pool players can comfortably shoot around the pool table for hours on end as their feet will be well-supported. What’s more, it has a really stylish design which makes it easy to pair with casual and non-athletic clothing.Nike Air Max 95Another great pair is the Nike Air Max. These shoes have been around since the seventies and have had multiple iterations over the years. But despite the redesigns and other versions, the Nike Air Max always has a flexible and durable membrane that’s filled with pressurized air. This ensures the shoe is able to give ample support to your feet. The good news is that Nike are constantly releasing new designs that further improve the shoe. The Air Max 95 is part of the Running Club collection and draws inspiration from its rich running heritage. Because the 95 is designed for endurance it is also the perfect pool shoe for those who like to play in tournaments. The fit and breathable fabric of the shoe will prevent blisters and keep your feet cool and fresh. The Air Max 95s have a bright blue, green, and orange colorway for those players who use color to show off their personality.On Running CloudOn Running’s Cloud is one of the comfiest sneakers that you can buy today. Like the Air Max 96 they are designed as fully cushioned running shoes. The Cloud’s good weight balance and superb heel comfortability level make it a good pair to wear at the pool hall. Another great feature of this shoe is its breathable antimicrobial mesh, making it perfect for warm pool venues with bad ventilation.Pool players that want to prioritize comfort should strongly consider the sneakers we’ve listed above. If you want to become a better pool player, have a look at our other posts and read guides such as ZeroInsoft’s The Pocket Billiard Coach.

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