Turning Stone Classic XXXV September 1-4, 2022

Mar 3, 2022


All other aspects of the event will remain the same with the exception of there will no longer be temporary carpet. Therefore, I am allowing sneakers which must preferably be black. The dress code will remain the same with only that exception. Entry fees are still $150 for current tour members or $200 for all others. FYI, I am no longer in a position to give free memberships. The only way to become a member and qualify for the $150 entry is to come and play in any billiard room event and pay your $40 membership there. I do not accept memberships any other way.I will begin taking entries at our Snookers event on March 5-6 in person. If you would like to enter after that please call me at 518-356-7163 and I will give you the entry info. There is no online entry info so you must either see me in person or call me. Please remember that in the past these events have always filled very fast so early entry is suggested.Thank You,

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