Jan 19, 2022

Matchroom Nineball is delighted to announce the addition of the Kremlin Cup to the Nineball World Rankings alongside two events from the USA’s National Billiards League (NBL), globally expanding the Nineball schedule.


The Kremlin Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the calendar and is set to switch from 10-ball to 9-ball, following the Matchroom Nineball World Rankings announcement and will be showcased this year in Moscow, Russia August 23-28. It will see 198 players competing for a guaranteed prize fund of $50,000 with the tournament open to all and an entry fee of only $150 for over 18 and $100 for under 18.

The Cup is known as one of the biggest on the WPA calendar with players travelling from all over the world to Russia to compete with previous winners including World No.2 David Alcaide, current World Pool Masters Champion Alexander Kazakis and two-time Mosconi Cup winner Tyler Styer of the USA.

The National Billiards League, also set to make the switch from 10-ball to 9-ball, is ever growing in the USA with two tournaments joining the schedule as Ranking Events rewarding placement on the Nineball World Rankings.

NBL will host two Sandcastle 9-Ball Open tournaments that will contribute towards the Nineball World Rankings offering an opportunity for players stateside to make their mark on the rankings as well as offer the opportunity to grow themselves.

Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer said: “It is overwhelming and motivating to have such a high stature tournament in the Kremlin Cup to first off make the switch in discipline to Nineball and join our global rankings. The decision shows a huge commitment to both the sport and our plans for Nineball over the coming years and I hope it motivates others to also see the benefit. The Kremlin Cup has received approximately 100 players in the past but can accommodate up to 200, and we hope with this announcement, we can work together with the organisers and push the field to sell out just like our Open events.”

“We are glad to announce that the Kremlin Cup will be included in the prestigious Matchroom Nineball World Rankings. It is a great honor for us to be on the list of the best international tournaments. We look forward to the arrival of the best athletes from all over the world to Moscow with great impatience.”  – Evgeny Ivanov, President of Moscow Union of Billiard Sports, the organiser of a Kremlin Cup.

“The NBL coming on board is a fantastic opportunity for players stateside to make their presence known in the game on the Nineball World Rankings and the opportunity to qualify for the 2022 Mosconi Cup at Bally’s Las Vegas, November 30-3 December. We would like to thank Ed Liddawi at the NBL for their support in the rankings.”

“I’ve always stood for cross-promotion of the sport in the American billiards industry as well as creating a clearer structure for American players in the US for qualification into the Mosconi Cup and I’m excited to see many of us working together to provide multiple opportunities for the players to earn World Rankings in their own backyard,” said Frazer.

“As the NBL focuses on 8 & 10-Ball events for American residents only, I’m proud to announce the inaugural 2022 Sandcastle 9-Ball Open commencing June 3-5 which is open to players from all around the World. There will also be a Sandcastle US Open 9-Ball warm-up event October 6-8 just days before the US Open and only 90 minutes away from Atlantic City to offer even more events to the players and help save them travel expenses between venues,” said Ed Liddawi, NBL Founder & CEO.

About Nineball World Rankings

Find out more as Matchroom launches a global nineball world ranking system. The rankings will become the cornerstone of the game globally to recognise Nineball as the primary discipline of pool, sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association. The establishment of the Nineball World Rankings propels Matchroom’s further commitment to the growth of pool globally.

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