Pool player Henrik Larsson voted into the Swedish Parasport Hall of Fame

Jun 24, 2021

At the General Assembly of the Swedish Parasport Federation on May 21, 2021, pool player Henrik Larsson was elected to the Swedish Parasport Hall of Fame, thanks to his great achievements within the billiard sport and community. Henrik is the 26th member of the Swedish Parasport Hall of Fame (PHoF).

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49-year-old Henrik ”Henke” Larsson is a well-known profile within the billiards community, both in Sweden and abroad. Throughout his career he has won many big titles and is considered one of the greatest wheelchair players of all time. His talent, spirit and positive attitude has inspired a whole generation of new players to pick up a cue. Henrik is also known for his work as an ambassador for the sport, and for his contributions within the para community as an instructor and role model for the disabled.

The Swedish Parasport Hall of Fame aspire to honor persons who, through their achievements in sports and/or as leaders, have played a crucial role in developing the Swedish or international parasport. They also aim to create, preserve, and make accessible historic documentation about these people and their achievements for the rest of the world.

Members of the PHoF are elected every two years. To be qualified the nominee has to have considerable international merits in their sport, as well as being a pioneer within Swedish or international parasport. It is also mandatory that the nominee has displayed fair play and integrity, and serves as a role model for others. In our opinion, Henrik fills all of these criteria with ease.

Here is the motivation from the Swedish Parasport Federation:“Henrik Larsson, billiards, is member number 26 in the Parasport Hall of Fame.

Henrik Larsson belongs to the world elite in billiards and has an impressive record of merits. His breakthrough came in 1993, when he won the first official European Championship for wheelchair billiards, and after that the successes have been piling up. In total he has won six world championships, twelve European championships and 20 national championships.

He was also nominated to the award ‘Disabled athlete of the year’ in 2018, at the biggest Swedish annual sports gala Idrottsgalan.

Henrik Larsson is a true role model, a great parasport athlete and a worthy member of the parasport Hall of Fame.”

Here you can find a link to the motivation (in Swedish):

https://www.parasport.se/omforbundet/Omoss/HallofFame/MedlemmariHallofFame/HenrikLarsso n/

The appointment was announced at the Parasport Federation’s general assembly on May 21, 2021, which was held digitally. Henrik will therefore receive his award at a later occasion when conditions allow.

The Swedish Billiard Federation and its board are immensely proud of “Henke”, one of our greatest representatives of all time, and we wish him the best of luck in his continued career.

Contact information

Eva Viding Bussell

PresidentThe Swedish Billiard federation eva.viding@biljardforbundet.se +46 70 751 1287

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